Body Lift Scarring in Newport Beach

A body lift is an excellent way to help restore self- confidence, and correct many issues that diet and exercise are not able to. A body lift is always customized for each individual patient, but usually consists of an arm lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift. Body lifts in Newport Beach are increasing in popularity over the past couple of years. People who have an excessive amount of extra skin, or have gained and lost a significant amount of weight are typical candidates for a body lift.

One of the first concerns potential body lift patients in Newport Beach have when they are considering a body lift is scaring. Incision/scar placement is typically very important to patients, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian understands this concern and works very hard to promote optimal healing and scaring.

The midsection work done during a body lift is a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck scar will go hip to hip for a standard tummy tuck, and for an extended tummy tuck the scar will extend a bit further to include the “love handles.”  The arm lift scar is typically most visible. This scar begins at the armpit and runs down to the elbow. Results from the arm lift part of your body lift will become noticeable fastest. Finally, the thigh lift aspect of the body lift makes a strategic incision that goes along with natural body contouring.

Scars from the body lift are positioned to be as unnoticeable as possible.

Standard clothing will cover all scars with exception to the arm lift. Newport Beach body lift patients are very commonly pleased to see how over time their scars fade and eventually are no more noticeable as a light stretch mark. It is important to remember that everyone scars and heals differently, some more ideal than others. Examining scars you have acquired in the past will give your good idea of how your body lift scars will form and heel.

For best scarring results follow all of you Newport Beach plastic surgeon’s post-operative directions. If you are interested in a body lift consultation to see what a body lift can do for you, call the Newport Beach office of board certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian today!  Our practice has a special scar management program that has been very helpful to many previous patients.

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