What can Hand Rejuvenation do for me?

As we age our hands become more and more frail and beaten. We use our hands for everything we do, and they get washed more than almost anything else on our bodies. It is no wonder this combination of time and use can result in some fairly unsightly hands. Hand rejuvenation can help your hands look and feel better, leaving you with younger, “happier” looking hands.

So many things can damage our hands: sun, use, tissue loss, and aging are just a few of the most common villains, but very few solutions are offered to combat this problem.  Hand rejuvenation is the answer your hands have been looking for this entire time; they just did not know it! Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian  use hand rejuvenation to correct hand aging, discoloration, atrophy, wrinkling and much more!

Some other benefits of hand rejuvenation include, but are not limited to the effacing of veins and unaesthetic tendons, improving skin tone and pigment,  restoring volume and  lessening wrinkling. There are many options and methods of skin rejuvenation, ask your Newport Beach plastic surgeon which procedure or combination of procedures will serve your needs best.

Common hand rejuvenation techniques include:

  • Fillers/ fat transfers
  • Chemical peels, IPL, and laser resurfacing
  • Sclerotherapy (laser vein treatment)

Injections and fillers come with a certain level of discomfort, while most patients in Newport Beach say that the skin treatment aspect of hand rejuvenation is relatively pain free.  Expect some bruising, swelling, and or stiffness following your hand rejuvenation depending on the extent your procedure is going to.

Recent evidence has shown that fat transfer is a great source of stem cell and improves the quality and appearance of the hand, skin and contour as well as elasticity.

If you would like to experience more youthful looking and feeling hands call the Newport Beach office of board certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian today.  During your consultation you will have an opportunity to ask Dr. Sajjadian any and all questions you may have about hand rejuvenation.