But first… let me take a selfie

Whether you are spending the day with some friends out at Balboa Pier or browsing Fashion Island here in Newport Beach, it is inevitable that you will see others taking what are known as “selfies”… you may even be known to take a selfie or two yourself! We must eventually put the front facing camera down and ask ourselves, what is this modern, digitally driven society really creating with this selfie craze?

Some of the experts suggest this selfie phenomenon is responsible for sparking an interest in facial plastic surgery for record numbers of people. This interest is being attributed to a growingly more image conscious society, taking us right back to the selfie.

What do you think? Is wanting to take a perfect picture a satisfactory enough reason to choose to undergo cosmetic facial plastic surgery, or should there have to be more to it?

Well this may come as a shock to you, but most board certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons would not recommend undergoing facial plastic surgery  solely in order to improve your appearance in a picture. However, there are many good reasons to have facial enhancement procedures done.

The decision to undergo facial plastic surgery is a very personal one, and in the end, the decision is entirely yours, but it should be a very well thought out decision. Facial plastic surgery should not be looked at as a “quick fix,” and is certainly not something to be rushed into. Our face is very strongly tied to our identity, and rushing prematurely into changing it can yield serious consequences.

Once you have given due consideration, if you decide that you do want to go ahead with a facial plastic surgery procedure, congratulations, when being done for the right reasons, facial plastic surgery yields a highly positive impact on the patient’s quality of life!

The most important aspect to the decision to undergo facial plastic surgery is the surgeon you choose. A high level of experience with your chosen facial cosmetic procedure and a board certification (or three in the case of Dr. Ali Sajjadian) should be on the top of your list of qualifications when shopping for your Newport Beach plastic surgeon.

If you want to discuss the possibility of facial plastic surgery with a highly skilled triple board certified plastic surgeon, call the Newport Beach office of Dr. Ali Sajjadian today to schedule your personal consultation, or visit the website at: DrSajjadian.com. Our practice philosophy is to create natural looking and beautiful results that enhances your appearance and make you look refreshed and younger looking.