Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy- Your Questions Answered

Many women experience breast sagging for the first time after pregnancy and breastfeeding. They love their children, but may not love their newly saggy breasts. If you’ve experienced post-baby breast changes, come see Dr. Sajjadian, a top breast surgeon. Breast surgery can restore lost volume, lift breast position, and restore your breasts to their former glory. Love your breasts again.

What Causes Breast Sagging After Pregnancy?

Breast changes are very common after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The flow of milk to the breasts can stretch out the tissue, leaving the breasts sagging, flat, and deflated. Even if you don’t breastfeed, hormonal changes during pregnancy and right after delivery can impact the appearance of the breasts. Your breast size before pregnancy, genetics, and the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy are all factors that impact breast sagging after pregnancy. Unfortunately, sagging is an issue for most women after baby. The good news is, sagging is highly treatable.

Will Breast Augmentation Correct My Breast Sagging?

Breast augmentation places an implant (saline or silicone) into the breasts. This can add volume and enhance the breast shape. Implants may correct minor sagging, but most women that have sagging can benefit from a breast lift too. These surgeries are performed at the same time, lifting and augmenting the breasts simultaneously. This allows Dr. Sajjadian to dramatically transform the breasts and to reverse many of the common changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I Reverse Pregnancy Related Breast Changes Without Implants?

A breast lift + breast augmentation combination is the most common solution for reversing breast changes after pregnancy. However, if you don’t want implants, Dr. Sajjadian can achieve excellent results with a breast lift alone. Without implants you won’t see an increase in breast volume, but Dr. Sajjadian can reform the breast tissue you have, reducing sagging. This option is typically best suited for women with sufficient natural breast tissue.

Should I Wait Until I’m Finished Having Children to Consider Breast Surgery?

Are you considering future pregnancies? If you’re planning a pregnancy in the near future, Dr. Sajjadian will probably recommend waiting for your breast surgery. Breast changes are common during pregnancy, even if you have implants. If you aren’t immediately planning another pregnancy or are unsure if you’ll have another pregnancy, breast surgery doesn’t need to wait. Breast implants are safe during pregnancy and breast changes can be remedied with breast revision surgery, if needed. Many women are even able to successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation.

Has pregnancy changed your breasts? Come see Dr. Sajjadian and get your perky breasts back!