10 Best at Home Skincare Routines to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Moisturized

Dry, rough skin can be unpleasant. It is vital that you provide your skin with the moisture it needs so that it can be healthy – but it is not just individuals with naturally dry skin who need to do this.

Whatever the time of year, hydrating lotion is essential for healthy, smooth, fresh-looking skin. Adding a moisturizer to your daily skincare routine can eliminate unwanted roughness of the skin. Along with hydration, proper sun care is also necessary for healthy skin.

Moisturizing can be done, and in fact is best done, with natural products. Here, Dr. Sajjadian discusses ten of the top at-home natural skincare routines you can use to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

1)   Oils

Oils offer deep soothing care to dry skin. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, sesame oil or jojoba oil are rich in vitamin E, vitamin A and fatty acids, all of which contribute to locking moisture into the skin cells. Apply one of these selection of oils to your skin before sleeping at night and wash it off the next morning for best results.

2)   Honey

Honey is a natural emollient and humectant – meaning it binds with water molecules and absorbs them. By applying honey to your skin for 20 minutes twice a week, you flood your skin cells with water-retaining compounds that restore rough skin to a smooth and silky state.

3)   Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a resilient plant which grows rapidly. As such, it is an excellent addition to your skincare routine to grow an aloe vera plant on your balcony or window sill. Cut off a leaf at its base and peel the outer layer back to reveal the anti-inflammatory, vitamins A and E rich sap. Apply this gently to your skin once every two to three days.

4)   Milk

Cleopatras’ famously glorious skin was attributed to her milk baths. Many components of milk are rapidly absorbed by our skin pores and help keep the skin elastic which reduces wrinkling. Soak a small cloth in milk and apply it to your face twice a week before showering to see smoother, moister skin.

5)   Avocado

While avocado is excellent in your diet, it is also fantastic for your skin. Rich in fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin C and E, the flesh of an avocado applied directly to dry, rough skin for ten minutes twice a week will aid in collagen and elastin synthesis, leaving your skin firm and youthful.

6)   Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter contains compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it is highly beneficial in protecting your skin against sun damage and the effects of aging. Gently scrape a small portion of cocoa butter from its container with a bread knife and apply it to your skin. Then, with your hands, rub it in and leave it to be absorbed.

7)   Shea Butter

Similar in texture to cocoa butter, shea butter is another fantastic natural moisturizer for your skin. It contains saturated fatty acids which help add volume to the skin and can heal irritated or cracked skin.

8)   Mango Butter

One aspect of using natural oils as a skin moisturizer that turns some people off is the greasy residue left after their application. Mango butter offers an ideal, exquisitely scented solution to this. You can apply mango butter all over your skin and massage it in daily to experience smooth, naturally fragrant skin.

9)   Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is mainly composed of water, so applying slices to tired, dry eyes and skin helps transfer moisture to the skin, providing incredible brightening and flattering effects.

10)   Beeswax

A mix of beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil softens and nurtures the skin and makes it more receptive to other moisturizers. This can be used every second day to maximize skin elasticity, health and smoothness.


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