Persian vs. Iranian Rhinoplasty- What’s the Difference?

Have you heard of Persian rhinoplasty? What about Iranian rhinoplasty? These two types of ethnic rhinoplasty may have different names, but they are both talking about the same procedure. Iranian and Persian rhinoplasty are terms used to describe rhinoplasty performed on someone of Iranian descent. If you’re thinking about Iranian rhinoplasty, or any other type of ethnic rhinoplasty, call our offices and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajjadian. He is one of the area’s best ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons and has extensive experience working with Iranian patients

What Is Persian Rhinoplasty?

Persian rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty performed on patients with genetic roots from the Middle East, specifically Iran and the surrounding areas. It is a type of ethnic rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty performed on a non-Caucasian patient. Persian rhinoplasty seeks to correct common aesthetic issues with Persian noses and to balance the appearance of the nose with the other facial features. Our goal is to maintain your unique cultural identity and look while perfecting the shape of your nose.

No two noses are exactly the same, but these features are commonly seen in the noses of patients considering Persian rhinoplasty.

  • Thick skin
  • Large nose
  • Wide bridge
  • Hump
  • Downturned tip

How Do I Choose a Surgeon for My Persian Rhinoplasty?

Persian noses have many unique characteristics that can make rhinoplasty more difficult. Cartilage grafting, tip reshaping, and hump removal are often needed and require advanced rhinoplasty skill. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience. Dr. Sajjadian is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society, holds board certification from three medical boards, and is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the area. He is passionate about rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty and is known for his stunning results.

How Do I Get the Best Results from My Persian Rhinoplasty?

The most important key to getting the best possible results from your rhinoplasty is to choose your surgeon carefully, but there are a couple of other things you can do. These tips are helpful to both Persian rhinoplasty patients and others and others considering rhinoplasty.

  • Balance Your Nose with Your Other Features– Your new nose should look completely natural, like you were born with it. This requires balancing your nose with your other features. There is no one perfect nose, but we can achieve a perfect nose for you.
  • Set Realistic Expectations– What do you hope to achieve from your rhinoplasty? Work with Dr. Sajjadian to set realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery.
  • Follow Recovery Instructions– Follow any recovery instructions you receive carefully. This ensures good healing and helps to minimize complications after rhinoplasty.

Are you thinking about Persian rhinoplasty? Call us at 1-949-515-0550 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian, one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Newport Beach, today.