Post-Facelift Comforts

Here in the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa area we’ve helped numerous men and women recover from facelifts and other plastic surgery procedures in their own homes and in hotel rooms.  Through these experiences, we’ve discovered certain comforts that make recovery as easy and comfortable as possible:

  1. Reusable gel ice packs. Gel ice packs are gentler on bruised or sore body parts than regular ice because of their smooth edges and the packs don’t drip unlike ice packs.
  2. Antibiotic Ointment and Aquaphor.  Antibiotic ointment will ensure that any incision sites or other wounds don’t get infected.  Aquaphor is a thick, soothing moisturizer, and is great for lips after a facelift or other facial procedure.
  3. Bendable straws.  Facelifts and other procedures may make drinking straight out of a cup difficult because of all the swelling. Straws can make it a lot easier to drink right after a facelift.
  4. Crackers and broth-based soups. Many of our clients in Costa Mesa plastic surgery patients opt for soothing, bland, comfort foods for the first few days following a facelift.  These types of foods can help with nausea and the decreased post-anesthesia appetite. After having face work done, like a facelift, crunchy foods will be challenging, so stick with soups and smoothies for the first week or so.
  5. Stock up on a wide selection of juices and soda. In our experience, it helps to have something with a bit of taste in what you’re drinking when you’re taking medication.  Ginger ale and Sprite are also helpful with any nausea you may have from anesthesia or the pain meds.
  6. Comfy pajama’s and socks. You’ll likely not want to get out of pajamas and lounge wear for a while after recovering from a facelift or other major surgery.
  7. Prescriptions and other instruction from your surgeon. Your surgeon will almost certainly prescribe you pain medication along with an antibiotic.  Be sure to have your prescriptions filled a few days ahead of time so that in case your pharmacy has to order medication.  You don’t want to be running around town the day of your surgery trying to get your prescription filled.
  8. Most importantly, follow all the instructions given at the pre-op visit and discharge.