Help! My Breasts Have Fallen and They Can’t Get Up!

It may be a funny little statement but it’s a concern we hear every day here in our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice. We see numerous women for drooping breasts (medically known as ptosis) or volume loss after pregnancy (pseudoptosis). For droopy and/or deflated breasts, breast augmentation and/or a breast lift are the options we have available for our Newport Beach clients.

Breast augmentation with implants alone can fix the drooping in situations when:

  • You’re okay going at least a cup size larger
  • Your breasts are just a little saggy/droopy
  • Your nipple is still near the center breast and does not point downward
  • There is some visible skin beneath the nipple/areola when looking at the breasts straight on.

Just a breast lift (with or without an augmentation) is better when:

  • Your breast drooping is moderate or severe
  • You’re already a C or D cup and you aren’t interested in going larger
  • Your nipple is at the bottom of the breast or points downward
  • There is no visible skin under the nipple/areola when looking at the breasts straight on
  • Your areola (the brown area around the nipple) is large and you’d like it reduced

A combination of breast augmentation with lift can be done when:

  • You want to fix the droopiness and go larger
  • You’d like to maintain your normal breast projection and roundness of the breast mound
  • Your drooping is severe

Of course here in Newport Beach we will always do a series of breast measurements and discuss your situation specifically to help us decide what would be best. We also have numerous before and after photos of breast augmentations and breast lifts separate and combined to help know what your breast may look like after the procedure.

If you live in the Newport Beach and are tired of droopy breast, contact our office today. Dr. Sajjadian will be more than happy to help you find the right procedure for you.