Rhinoplasty for Mental Health Improvements

rhinoplasty performed by a board certified plastic surgeon will provide beautiful results, but the benefits are more than skin deep. Oftentimes, the nose is a source of self-esteem and self-confidence issues, as it is the centerpiece of the face. For this reason, Dr. Sajjadian finds it especially important to seek the treatment you need both for the health of your nose, but also for your mental health.

Sometimes people are born with a nose that just doesn’t fit their face, but its okay! There are minimally invasive ways of correcting the nose so that it better matches the face and the person within!

One of the most important aspects to any Newport Beach rhinoplasty surgery is providing a nose that makes the patient feel comfortable. This means it is especially important that your surgeon have a full understanding of your desires. Come to your consultation fully prepared to describe the nose you want so that Dr. Sajjadian can give you the results to match.

In our experience, a nose surgery can provide the same benefits as many other Newport Beach plastic surgery procedures. With an improved self-confidence, many patients improve their healthy habits and achieve an overall better self. That is the best case scenario when inquiring about any plastic surgery procedure. Additional benefit is improved breathing if there is nasal obstruction.

If you’re currently unhappy with any part of your body and think that an improvement in that area would help you both physically and emotionally, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian.

Even if you’re not sure what procedure you might be interested in, Dr. Sajjadian and his many years of expertise can guide you in the right direction to a healthier you! And rest assured, Dr. Sajjadian’s triple board certification means he’s expertly able to perform the procedure you need to get your life heading in a direction you will enjoy.