Eyelid Surgery Techniques

In general, eyelid surgery should be indefinite and permanent but we are finding that some non-incision techniques may not last as long as the incision technique.  When done correctly the results should last 10-15 years or longer. Here in Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian finds that the incision technique is more likely than the other to make sure that the crease stays. One method is the orbicularis-levator fixation technique which entails using internal sutures that attach the eye muscle that closes the eye (orbicularis) with the muscle and fascia of the muscle that opens up the eyes (levator). Using the more traditional skin to levator fixation sutures ensures that the crease stays as long as possible.

The incisional method has always been the “gold standard” as it allows the plastic surgeon to have full control and access to the anatomy (levator, tarsus, orbicularis, etc) to accurately and precisely place the sutures.  It allows the surgeon to address any ptosis and any needed skin and/or fat excision. Here in Newport Beach we’ve found it is the technique that gives the longest lasting results for eyelid surgery.

The non-incision or minimal incision technique is that it is designed to “trade” the slightly larger scar left by the incision technique for a faster recovery and minimal scar. For some of our Newport Beach clients, this procedure is totally adequate.  But for most other, skin, fat, the eye muscles, etc… need to be addressed and unfortunately, the non-incision method may not be enough for long-lasting results.

Sadly, the non-incision techniques have a long history of having less than reliable fixation and also less definite crease formation especially in Asian eyelid surgeries. Without the proper incisions, you risk incomplete creases, some mild asymmetry, and complete loss of the fold as seen with the non-incision techniques. Most experienced surgeons lean toward doing more incision techniques after they have done non-incision techniques for several years. However, regardless of technique, certain conditions, especially the aging process or external events can cause some mild regression of eyelid surgery.

As mentioned before, everyone is unique and the technique that’s best for one individual may not be the best for you so if you live in the Newport Beach area and are interested in which eyelid surgery can give you the optimal result, contact our office today.