What does a Mommy Makeover Do?

The “Mommy Makeover” is a term given to a collection of cosmetic procedures aimed at eliminating the loose sagging skin of the tummy and deflated breasts that are often experienced by women following childbirth. Most often the mommy makeovers we do here in Newport Beach include a breast augmentation and/or breast lift and a tummy tuck.

Despite losing weight and toning up after a pregnancy, that stubborn stretched out skin can remain along with deflated, sagging breasts if the woman was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed.  These “remnants” of childbirth are often reminders that many of our Newport Beach clientele chose to put in their past once they are done with having children.  Now they just want to feel comfortable in a bikini, enjoying our beautiful California beaches.

Many of our Newport Beach mommy makeover clients choose to do both surgeries together, but it’s not uncommon for some women to have them performed separately.  Even if the procedures are not done together, it’s important that you look very closely at each individual procedure and be sure your plastic surgeon can demonstrate through photos several examples of the kind of results you desire.

With mommy makeovers you’ll be surprised at how much of a “wow” factor there is when you start looking at before and after photos. Mommies sacrifice a lot and here in Newport Beach we are in the business of making mommies look and feel their best.  Take some time to look at the before and after photos of procedures Dr. Sajjadian has performed here on our site.

When it comes to breast augmentation specifically, we advise our Newport Beach mommy makeover clients to aim for a breast implant that is in proportion with the rest of their body.  Breasts look the most natural and youthful when they don’t overwhelm the woman’s chest and body frame.  Placement is important too because even appropriately sized breast implants can look unnatural if they are too high on the chest wall, too far apart or too close together. So expect to play around with implants, trying them on, etc… if breast augmentation is part of your mommy makeover.

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