How Long Does It Take to Fully Recover from Breast Augmentation?

As you prepare for breast augmentation, you’ll likely have questions about recovery. When can you return to work? How long until you’re bikini ready? This guide to recovery will help you understand what to expect in the days, weeks and months from surgery to full recovery. If you have any questions or need personalized advice, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajjadian.

Right After Surgery

When you head home after surgery (often the very same day), you’ll be tired. Dr. Sajjadian can supply you with pain medications so you’re comfortable, but you’ll want, and need, to rest. Your breasts will be wrapped in a bandage which will remain in place until your follow up appointment with Dr. Sajjadian. Please follow any recovery instructions he gives you carefully. Giving your body time to heal is essential in obtaining the best possible breast augmentation results.

A Few Days Post Surgery

Depending on the placement of your implant and your job, you may be able to return to work a few days after surgery. Most women take somewhere between 4-7 days off from work. Placing the implant under the muscle generally requires a longer recovery period than placing the implant over the pectoral muscle. Women with strenuous jobs may need a longer recovery period. Talk with Dr. Sajjadian about your job for specific details on how much time you may need to take off.

After a few days most women feel substantially better. Yes, it may still be uncomfortable to lift and you will have some swelling and bruising, but you should be able to move around, do basic tasks, etc. Dr. Sajjadian recommends that you walk around to promote proper circulation.

During the initial weeks after surgery you’ll notice rapid improvement in bruising, swelling, ability to move, etc. Give yourself time to heal and don’t rush the process. You may be able to resume gentle aerobic exercise several weeks after surgery. Wait until you have approval from your surgeon before you begin anything strenuous.

Two Months Post-Surgery

After 2 months you may be able to resume heavy physical activity like running, lifting, etc. Make sure you have approval form Dr. Sajjadian before you begin and take it easy. If you have concerns, come talk with us.

One Year Post-Surgery

Scars can take a long time to resolve after breast augmentation. Generally the scar will start out bright red and raised and will slowly fade to its final appearance. This can take up to a year or more, but you should see dramatic improvement during the first 6 months. Dr. Sajjadian is very skilled at minimizing scarring as much as possible and camouflaging any scarring that does occur.

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