Breast Augmentation Options for the Most Natural Looking Results

Natural looking breast augmentation is trending in cosmetic surgery, and it’s a trend we love. As one of the top breast surgeons in the area, Dr. Sajjadian is well known for his natural-looking results, and he loves working with women from across Southern California and beyond. Our patients want to feel feminine and confident while retaining a natural-looking breast appearance, both in and out of clothing.

Breast implants don’t have to be obvious. You see women with implants every single day, but you wouldn’t know they had them unless they told you. Dr. Sajjadian is known throughout the area for his breast surgery skill and stunning, natural-looking results. He is one of only a few plastic surgeons to carry board-certification from three medical boards. Call us to schedule your cosmetic breast surgery consultation in Newport Beach, CA today.

Breast Augmentation: You’ve Got Options

To achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results on women of every shape and size, customization is key. Your BFF may be able to rock size 38 D breasts, but if you’re smaller or shorter, breasts of this size may be too large. Your height, weight, chest size, quantity of natural breast tissue, personal preferences, and lifestyle all play a role in determining your ideal breast appearance. Dr. Sajjadian spends time with each patient, carefully examining them and communicating to understand preferences, goals, and lifestyle so he can craft their ideal breasts in the operating room. His skill as a triple board-certified plastic surgeon is invaluable in ensuring natural looking and beautiful results for every patient.

What are your options for breast augmentation? During your consultation, we’ll start creating your customized surgical plan as we review the many options available. Dr. Sajjadian will explain the benefits and difficulties associated with each option. If there is a strong benefit to one option over another, Dr. Sajjadian will share recommendations and explain why a certain technique or implant type will be most effective. You’ve got lots of options, but our experienced team will guide you through them. Call us to schedule your consultation to create your customized breast surgery plan.

Before your consultation, spend some time visualizing your ideal breasts. Do you want lots of cleavage or a little? Big, small, or just right breasts? We love it when patients bring photos with them to their consultation. Remember, there are many options, but some will need to work with the anatomy you’ve already got. There may be some limitation to what we can achieve, but most women are absolutely delighted with the natural-looking breast augmentation results Dr. Sajjadian creates.

Breast Implant Type

Breast implants are available in three different types: saline, silicone gel, and form-stable (gummy bear) implants. Dr. Sajjadian uses all three types for natural looking breast augmentation. Due to safety concerns and the possible risks involved, Dr. Sajjadian does not use textured breast implants. Our smooth silicone gel implants have proven to be safe with no known risks using data from a 10-year study on implants.

  • Saline Breast Implants – Saline implants offer the unique advantage of unfilled placement. The silicone shell of the implant is placed into the breast unfilled. Once it is in place, the implant is carefully filled with a sterile saline solution. This allows for a smaller insertion incision. Saline breast implants are also FDA approved for use on younger women, 18+ compared to 22+ for silicone options. Saline breast implants are generally the most affordable breast implant option, averaging about 25% less than similarly sized silicone options.
  • Silicone Gel Implants – Silicone gel implants are the most popular breast implant option. The soft, smooth gel feels very much like natural breast tissue. These implants offer a softer feel than a saline implant, especially in women with less natural breast tissue for coverage. Modern silicone implants are sturdy, long lasting, and designed to last for many years.
  • Cohesive Gel Implants – The newest type of breast implant available is best known by its nickname, the “gummy bear implant.” These implants are a type of form stable breast implant, created using a thick, cohesive silicone gel shell. The durable shell of these implants offers superior shape retention and protection against leakage and ruptures. Cohesive gel implants are a popular option for natural looking breast augmentation as they have a tapered shape, thinner at the top with more projection at the bottom, mimicking natural breast shape.

Saline, silicone, and form-stable implants are all excellent options for breast augmentation surgery, each with unique benefits that we’ll discuss during your plastic surgery consultation.

Breast Implant Shape

Implants come in both round and shaped options. The shape of the implant helps to create the final shape of the breast. Both options can create a natural looking result when used properly and by a skilled plastic surgeon.

  • Round- Outside of the breast, a round breast implant looks similar in shape to a jelly donut. They are perfectly symmetrical and round, with a flattened middle. Round implants are available in both saline and silicone implant types. Round is the most common implant shape and creates a very natural looking result, both when standing and lying down. The saline or silicone inside of a round implant settles when standing, creating a natural breast shape that is wider at the bottom, thinner at the top.
  • Shaped or Anatomical Implants- Shaped breast implants are modeled after the natural breast shape. They are flatter and thinner at the top, with a fuller bottom. Shaped implants are a popular choice for the natural looking breast shape they create. Implant rotation is a risk with a shaped implant, but using textured implants and special implantation techniques can reduce the odds of this occurring. Shaped implants are also called anatomical breast implants or teardrop implants.

Implant Size

Breast implants are generally measured in CCs, a form of measurement that is very common in medical settings, but unfamiliar to many of our patients. CC is short for cubic centimeter and is a measurement of volume. If you’re more familiar with ounces, you can convert CCs to ounces by dividing by 29.5.

We recommend that you forget about CCs and cup size completely. Focus instead on the look you hope to achieve from your cosmetic breast surgery. Look at pictures of celebrities and friends, bringing us photos of your ideal breast size. The rice test can also be helpful. Fill the boot section of a pair of pantyhose with measured rice. Place in a sports bra and take your new look for a test drive. Add or subtract rice until you find your desired size. Take notes throughout the testing process, and bring them along to your consultation.

Size matters, but numbers don’t. We’ll help you create a look you love with appropriately size breast implants for a natural look.


As you prepare for your breast augmentation, we bet you’ll start noticing breasts. Pay attention to the many shapes and sizes of female breasts. Two women with identically sized breasts can have a dramatically different breast appearance, largely due to projection, or how far the breasts extend from the chest wall.

Think for a minute about an 8 oz. cup of water. You could pour the water into a short, wide vessel or a tall and thin one. The quantity of water doesn’t change, but its appearance certainly does. The same is true for implant projection. By modifying the size of the base of the implant, and how far the implant will extend off of the chest wall, we can create your ideal breast shape.

We offer low, moderate, and high projection implants, in every type, size, and shape of the breast implant we offer. Generally, high projection implants offer the fullest, roundest, and most noticeable results. Our natural looking breast augmentation patients generally prefer a moderate projection implant. Some women with a wide chest will benefit from a low profile implant.

Breast Implant Placement

Breast implants are placed inside of the breast, either over or under the pectoral muscle. Generally, a submuscular placement offers a more natural looking result. The muscle helps to cover and hide the implant, smoothing edges and reducing the odds of implant rippling.

Subglandular implant placement, or placement over the pectoral muscle, may yield a more natural looking result in patients that frequently lift heavy weights. With sufficient natural breast tissue, good results are possible with both placement options.

Breast implants are inserted into the breast through a small, carefully hidden incision. There are four primary options for incision placement. Dr. Sajjadian is experienced using all of the major breast implant incision options.

  • Peri-areolar- The peri-areolar incision is made around the outer edge of the areola, along with the line where darker areola and breast skin meet. Scarring fades to invisibility along the color transition, and most patients notice minimal scarring after they’ve healed.
  • Trans-axillary- The trans-axillary incision is placed under the arm, in the armpit. It leaves no breast scarring and a small incision that is unseen unless the arms are lifted. The trans-axillary incision can be used only once, so if revision surgery is needed, a new incision site must be selected.
  • Inframammary- The inframammary incision is the most popular breast augmentation incision by far. It is placed under the breast, in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall. This incision provides optimal access to the breast and muscle tissues for a very natural looking breast augmentation result. After surgery, the incision is hidden by the overhang of the breast and is practically unnoticeable on most patients.
  • TUBA- The TUBA technique for breast augmentation is very delicate and complex. Many surgeons do not have the experience necessary to offer this specialized and advanced technique. Dr. Sajjadian is one of only a few Southern California plastic surgeons to offer TUBA breast augmentation. TUBA is short for trans-umbilical breast augmentation. The incision is placed in the belly button, and an unfilled saline implant travels up from the abdomen into the breast, guided by an endoscope. Once it is in place, the implant is filled. This option leaves no breast scarring but is very time-consuming.

Each incision type offers benefits that we’ll discuss in depth during your consultation.

Complementary Procedures: Breast Lift for Sagging Breasts

Women with sagging breasts may benefit from a breast lift, performed at the same time as their breast augmentation. By combining these two procedures, we can treat moderate and severe breast sagging, while simultaneously enhancing breast size. Breast augmentation + breast lift is often performed after pregnancy, as part of our mommy makeover.

If sagging is present, a lift helps to ensure a good result from breast implants. Although an implant does eliminate a little sag by adding more volume, it doesn’t tighten skin. This leads to a saggy, deflated breast, even with implants. Combining a breast lift with implants ensures a good aesthetic result.

These two procedures are frequently combined and do not increase risk or recovery times significantly.

Breast Implant Revision

For women who have already undergone a breast augmentation procedure with another plastic surgeon but are dissatisfied with the size or placement of their old implants, Dr. Sajjadian offers breast implant removal and replacement procedures. Dr. Sajjadian will work with you to address whatever your concerns are about their appearance and any discomfort you might have that might not have been addressed during your previous procedure.

Dr. Sajjadian is a multi-awarded, triple board certified plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and expertise of advanced techniques in aesthetic procedures for the face, nose, body, and breast.

If you are dissatisfied with the look of your breasts, or have had a previous breast augmentation procedure but have never been completely satisfied with the results, Dr. Sajjadian will work with you to understand your preferences and unique goals so you can achieve the ideal figure you’ve always wanted.

Call 949-515-0550 to schedule your cosmetic breast surgery with Dr. Ali Sajjadian today.


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