What is the Difference between Caucasian and Asian Rhinoplasty?

Due to dramatically varying ethnic character traits of the nose, Caucasian and Asian rhinoplasty are two very different procedures. Usually the goal and expectations of Orange County plastic surgeons for the procedures are the same — to augments the aesthetics of the nose while simultaneously honoring the patient’s unique identity.

Here are some of the main differences between Caucasian and Asian Rhinoplasty:

  1. Osteotomies – Unlike in Asian rhinoplasty, Caucasian rhinoplasty can sometimes require reshaping or breaking the nasal bones.  Osteotomies are typically utilized to reduce the size of the nose. Orange County plastic surgeons estimate that around 10 percent of patients who undergo Asian rhinoplasty also have osteotomies.  When osteotomies are utilized in Asian rhinoplasty it is usually to narrow the bones to allow room for an implant.
  2. Implants – Due to the fact that most Asian rhinoplasty procedures deal with enhancing the projection of the tip of the nose, implants are not as commonly utilized. The implant in the tip of the nose tends to cause erosion to the overlying skin. This happens because the implant is much more firm then the soft tissues that make up the tip of the nose. Dr Sajjadian uses your own tissues to create a natural looking results.
  3. Inadequate projection – The motivating factors behind the two types of rhinoplasty are usually dissimilar. Caucasians typically seek out rhinoplasty due to an overly projected nose, while Asian rhinoplasty procedures are usually focused on correcting what the patient views as an inadequate projection of the nose.

The experience of your Orange County plastic surgeon should be your priority. Bad results usually are a result of an inexperienced, underqualified plastic surgeon. Common over-corrections made in Asian rhinoplasty are the inappropriate narrowing of the nostrils, and bringing the bridge of the nose too far up. These mistakes can destroy ethnic identity and leave a patient with regrets.

Demand the best of the best out of your rhinoplasty experience by calling the Orange County office of triple board certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian today!