Nose Surgery for a Deviated Septum

The nasal septum is in the midline partition of cartilage and bone that separates one side of the nose from the other. Typically this septum is straight, when it is crooked it is referred to as a deviated septum. Deviated septums are not only unsightly, but they can significantly obstruct the nasal passage and make breathing more difficult. Usually a septum is only deviated to one side, causing that side of the nose difficulty when breathing. Occasionally the nose is crooked in both directions, which can cause intense difficulties when breathing.

Nose surgery for a deviated septum is called septoplasty. This type of nose surgery is not considered cosmetic and does not aim to change the shape of the nose. Nose surgery for a deviated septum is strictly concerned with correcting nasal airway obstruction.

Nose surgery for a deviated septum will be performed by making an incision inside of the nose. The septum is then separated from the nasal lining, and whatever is blocking the nasal passage is either removed or relocated.

Since nose surgery for a deviated septum is a medical necessity, septoplasty is usually covered by your health insurance provider. Septoplasty will not change the appearance of your nose but rhinoplasty can. Many Santa Ana plastic surgery patients choose to fix the functional and aesthetic issues with their nose at the same time.

Whether you are seeking out nose surgery for a deviated septum or any other issue, choosing your surgeon is a very important step. Choose a plastic surgeon with plenty of experience with nose surgeries and extensive knowledge. Call the office of triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian in Newport Beach, Orange County and Santa Ana today for your nose surgery consultation! Dr. Sajjadian can explain all of your nose surgery options to you and develop a plan to fit your needs.

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