5 Most Common Breast Lift Myths

Full, firm breasts are a hallmark of femininity and a prominent part of many women’s body image and gender identity. Unfortunately, your breasts will start to sag over time as your skin becomes thinner and less resilient.

Besides aging, other factors like significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, and genetics also contribute to flattened breasts. These all affect your appearance by decreasing firmness and skin elasticity, while weakening the chest wall.

A loss of breast volume is part of the natural aging process, but if you miss your perky breasts, a breast lift can help restore your confidence when performed by a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon. However, there remain some misconceptions about this procedure’s potential. Today, we’ll debunk five persistent myths about breast lift surgery.

1. All Surgeons Can Deliver Similar Results

When you commit to having cosmetic surgery, you deserve a surgical plan that is as unique as your body’s anatomy. No two humans have the same physical characteristics, including women’s breasts. That’s why you should choose your surgeon carefully. Plastic surgery is a multifaceted discipline, so you need to start with a physician who specializes in breast procedures.

During your breast lift consultation with triple-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian, he will ask you to describe your desired results. Then, he will digitally show you what you can expect and explain the process. He recommends you bring photos of the outcome you seek, so he can tell you what’s realistically possible and what’s not.

Dr. Sajjadian will show you a gallery of before-and-after images of his work. Here, you may find a similar body type to yours and start envisioning your newly reshaped breasts.

2. Exercising Will Prevent Breast Sagging

Most women want to know how to tighten loose breast tissue and abdominal skin after having babies or experiencing weight loss. Unfortunately, you won’t find this answer at the gym. While bench presses, push-ups, and chest flyes are beneficial exercises for building strength and muscle tone, they’ll do little to nothing to add breast firmness and lift. 

Breasts start to sag when your skin becomes stretched beyond its natural ability to bounce back, which happens due to pregnancy and weight fluctuations. With age, your skin loses the protein elastin, which makes it resilient and flexible. While Dr. Sajjadian encourages you to exercise, you should be aware that doing so will lead to less body fat and more skin laxity. So ironically, patients who do everything right often end up with less tissue and more excess skin.

3. You Don’t Need a Lift With Breast Implants

Another enduring misconception is that breast implants alone provide a sufficient breast lift. But, typically, that’s not the case. Some patients interested in having breast augmentation may wish to combine the procedure with a breast lift because implants will not entirely fill sagging breasts. Rather than inserting implants, Dr. Sajjadian can drape the skin around them, which creates an attractive breast mound with a breast lift.

4. Breast Sizes Don’t Change

Your breast size will fluctuate as you move through life, during and after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight, and hormonal changes. After breastfeeding, your breast fat and ligaments may change. Therefore, your breasts may not return to their previous shape or size. Some women remain larger, while others get smaller. Whether your breasts will droop or stay full is a direct result of genetic predisposition, weight fluctuation, and age during breastfeeding.

5. Topical Products and Supplements Can Increase Breast Perkiness

Unfortunately, there’s no over-the-counter product or natural remedy for sagging breasts. The only realistic way to achieve a long-lasting lift is with a surgical intervention. Your breasts may appear elevated when you wear undergarments like push-up bras, but surgery is necessary to restore your youthful perkiness and upward curve. This operation will optimize breast shape, size, and symmetry and, when combined with augmentation, will increase size.

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