Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most widely requested plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and especially around the beaches of Southern California. Many women seek out the expertise of Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast implant procedures.

Breast augmentation involves placing saline or silicone implants to improve your body confidence and self-esteem. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular elective surgery because it addresses these major concerns:

  • Breast size
  • Breast volume
  • Breast shape
  • Breast symmetry

Breast augmentation with our Newport Beach specialist can be life-changing. Restoring youthful appearance, correcting physical abnormalities, or just increasing size make many patients feel better about themselves. During your breast augmentation consultation, you will undergo a thorough medical examination and discuss why you are interested in breast enhancement. Patients who are suitable candidates for surgery can then discuss their goals with Dr. Sajjadian and his professional staff to decide the treatment plan best suited to meet their expectations.

To make the most of your breast augmentation consultation in Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian suggest you do personal research beforehand. Here are 3 websites that are reliable and informative:

  1. American Society of Plastic Surgeons – official website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  2. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – official website of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  3. RealSelf.com – a website where patients ask question of real plastic surgeons

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Cosmetic breast surgery is a highly personal decision; deciding whether treatment is right for you requires careful consideration of what you’re hoping to achieve and what issues you would like to correct with treatment. Women who are suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery are those who meet the following criteria:

  • Physically healthy
  • Realistic expectations
  • Fully developed breasts
  • Breasts have lost shape or volume during pregnancy, weight loss, or aging
  • Asymmetric breasts
  • One or more breasts has failed to develop normally

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Suitable Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Newport Beach should be done for yourself and not anyone else. Women who are suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have fully developed breasts, but are bothered they are too small.
  • Have breasts that lost shape or volume during pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.
  • Have breasts that are asymmetric.
  • Have one or more breasts that failed to develop normally

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

To make the most of your breast augmentation consultation in Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian suggests patients complete some personal research beforehand.

Focus on the look you want and not cup size. Pictures of friends or celebrities with the desired size will give Dr. Sajjadian a good idea of your desired goal. Also, review the before and after pictures on our website. Take your time in this decision and do your research.

Another way to determine desired breast augmentation size is the rice test. Cut the boot off a pair of pantyhose and fill each with rice. Put these into a sports bra and wear with different types of clothing. Experiment by adding and removing rice – this will give you an idea of your optimal size. Make notes and bring them to your consultation.

Breast Augmentation – Breast Implant Shape Options

The shape is as important as size when choosing your desired look. Round and teardrop (anatomical) breast implants are the two basic shapes. Your breasts’ shape is unique and varies from other women, so your optimal implant shape must be determined with great care.

Many plastic surgeons recommend round implants because they are easy to insert and can lessen the need for revision surgery. If a round implant happens to rotate in the breast pocket, the appearance of the breast does not change.

Teardrop or anatomical breast implants create a highly natural shape. These implants are popular with patients whose breasts have depleted from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or massive weight loss. Teardrop implants have come a long way since their first generation, with innovations added to prevent implant rotation and other previously common issues.

Type of Breast Implants, Saline or Silicone

Dr. Sajjadian uses saline or silicone breast implants to correct breast asymmetry and restore breast fullness after pregnancy/nursing. His exceptional surgical skills have earned him a sterling reputation among women in the area seeking beautiful and feminine-looking breasts.

The two basic types of breast implants are saline filled breast implants and silicone filled breast implants. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Saline filled breast implants are plastic shells filled with sterilized salt water. The FDA has approved Saline filled breast implants to women over the age of 18.

Advantages of Saline breast implants are:

  • Cost
  • Less scarring risk
  • Easy rupture detection
  • Non toxic

Saline implants are up to 25% cheaper than its silicone counterpart, making it a popular choice. But cost is not the only advantage as many women appreciate the smaller incision required. The deflated breast implant shell is inserted in the breast tissue and then filled with the sterilized saline.

Also, if the breast implant shell ruptures, the saline will leak into the breast tissue and deflate the implant, allowing for early detection. If there is a leak, the saline will be expelled from the body naturally, with no toxic consequence.

The disadvantages of saline implants are many women complain they don’t feel natural, and over time they have been known to ripple.

Silicone gel breast implants are plastic shells filled with silicone gel. The FDA has approved silicone gel breast implants for women over the age of 22.

The silicone gel used in today’s breast implants is thicker than in the older version of implants. These newer breast implants are also much safer and less likely to rupture.

Advantages of silicone gel breast implants are they feel more natural, and are less likely to ripple.

Its disadvantages include expense (more expensive than saline), higher scarring risk, and more difficult to detect rupture.

With silicone filled breast implants, the implant is inserted full size in the breast tissue. This calls for a longer incision with higher risk for scarring. Also, if the implant ruptures the silicone stays put, making it difficult to detect the rupture. Periodic check-ups are recommended.

Form stable breast implants are also known as gummy bear breast implants because they maintain shape if implant shell ruptures. The silicone has a thicker consistency which makes them firmer and less likely to break. They have a more natural shape, projected at the bottom and tapered at the top. Placement requires a longer incision with higher risk to scarring.

Your Implant Procedure: What to Expect

Although some patients elect to stay the night, breast augmentation is usually an outpatient procedure. You will receive general anesthesia, and the surgery usually lasts one to two hours.

During surgery, Dr. Sajjadian makes incisions either around the nipples, underneath the breast crease, in the armpit, or the navel. He is careful to create and place the incisions in a way that minimizes any visible scarring.

Through the incisions, Dr. Sajjadian will carefully make a small pocket for the implant either between the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle. He will position the implant within the pocket and close the incisions with sutures. A support garment will be placed around the breasts to help them heal.


“I have worked out all my life, and after 2 children, I couldn’t work off the fat despite consistent exercise. I had never had a surgery like this before. When I came to Dr. Sajjadian, he instantly made me feel comfortable. Almost 4 months later I feel happier and I see the results, with minimal scarring. My stomach looks like it did before I was pregnant.”

“Dr. Sajjadian takes the time to make sure you understand what he’s doing and why. He’s a conservative doctor who doesn’t like to rush thing, because he wants the best results for you as possible. He’s kind, caring, and thorough. I would recommend Dr. Sajjadian to anyone who is interested in considering getting a tummy tuck.”

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“I trusted Dr. Sajjadian as I was able to see some of his cases beforehand, and the results were amazing. The Dr. made me very comfortable with what I wanted done. When it came to the surgery, I had very little bruising and swelling, and within 3/4 days I felt great. I have been back to the office since and would use Dr. Sajjadian again if I need any more work done.”

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Throughout the breast augmentation recovery process, your breasts will go through many stages. Be patient and give your body time to heal. We provide our patients with detailed recovery instructions and check in on healing at post-operative visits in our Newport Beach office. If questions or concerns arise, get in touch with our specialist and team.

Recovery after breast augmentation used to require several weeks of downtime, but thanks to modern medicine and improved surgical techniques, our patients are back on their feet sooner than ever. Often patients can return to work within a couple of weeks, but overall recovery will be closer to two months. Pain medication may be needed for the first couple of weeks and ensures a more comfortable, restful recovery period.

Patients report that the first week is the most difficult. The breasts will feel tight and tender. Bruising and swelling are very common and are experienced by most patients. At first, moving your arms will be difficult. We recommend wearing button or zip up tops until the full range of motion returns. Sleeping upright in a recliner is also helpful. As you’re able, resume gentle walking. This helps keep the blood in circulation and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Many patients are back to work in about two weeks. At this time, many daily tasks can be accomplished without assistance. Lifting should be avoided, and movements that involve the chest muscle will still be difficult.

Exercise After Breast Augmentation

The two most important things to remember when it comes to exercise post operation are listened to your body and be patient.

Your body is the best indicator as to when to get back to your daily routine. It is important that you don’t get back too early because the results could be serious. The muscle is healing, and you can tear it, cause internal bleeding, and get either a hematoma or capsular contracture. Err on the side of waiting.

The rule of thumb is to wait at least four weeks before resuming some exercise, such as walking or stationary bike. Dr. Sajjadian can advise during your follow up visits. By eight weeks you should be back to your full routine, including upper body. Heavy lifting and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least a month unless Dr. Sajjadian instructs otherwise. Some patients will need additional time. We’ll let you know when you have healed sufficiently to resume these activities.

Drop, Fluff, and Post-Surgery Breast Massage

The final stage of recovery includes a process known as “drop and fluff.” At first, breast implants are high on the chest wall and tight. As the breasts adjust to the implants inside, the pocket around the implants will relax, and the implants will fall into a more natural looking position. The breasts also expand slightly in size, as pressure on the breast implant is relaxed. This can occur several weeks after your surgery or may take a few months. Often one breast will drop before the other.

Breast massage is recommended from one week after breast augmentation surgery until about three months post breast surgery. These implant displacement massages will keep the soft tissue pocket around the implant open.

Massaging the breast will allow the pocket and soft tissue surrounding the implant to remain larger, allowing the implant to move. Massage should prevent the soft tissue capsule from shrinking and pressing the implant out of shape. This is known as capsular contraction and can only be prevented by breast massage.

What Type of Bra to Wear After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Right after surgery you will be provided with a post operative garment for support and healing. You will wear that for about a week.

After, a soft, comfortable bra, without under wires is desirable. Soft support will allow your implants to drop. After your implants settle, any bra you wish will suffice. In some cases however, when the implants are positioned early on, a supportive bra will be recommended to hold the implants in place. This is common in reconstruction cases.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast augmentation cost is a huge consideration for many patients. There isn’t any standard pricing for this procedure as the cost varies by implant type and other factors.

For more specific information about the cost of breast augmentation and available financing options, please contact our Newport Beach practice today.

Breast Augmentation Complications

As with any surgery there are risks that must be calculated. You must weigh the benefits of achieving your goals with the risks and potential complications of breast augmentation. It is a decision that you must make for yourself.

Possible breast augmentation surgery risks include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding/Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Poor scarring
  • Faulty position of the implant
  • Leakage or rupture
  • Capsular contracture
  • Fluid acclamation
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
  • Persistent pain
  • Possibility of revision surgery

Newport Beach’s Dr. Sajjadian will address these risks and any other questions you might have during your consultation.

Choosing Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Although breast augmentation Newport Beach is common and less risk adverse than 30 years ago, choosing a surgeon for any surgery is of paramount importance. Sadly, any doctor with a license can legally perform breast augmentation surgery despite having no specialized training.

It is vital for your plastic surgeon to have the right qualifications and credentials. These include board certification, and in good standing with the various medical boards. It also includes education, experience, and satisfied patients.

Don’t forget the support staff. Make sure they are professional, friendly and caring. This will be the people to lean on during your recovery. Make sure you are comfortable with the entire team.

It is very important to do your research and visit with the doctor personally. It is important to visit the facility where the surgery will take place. Don’t rush! You should make the time to get well informed.

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Meet Dr. Sajjadian

Dr. Sajjadian is one of few plastic surgeons in the United States who holds TRIPLE Board Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of otolaryngology, as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Why Dr. Sajjadian

Dr. Sajjadian is one of few plastic surgeons in Newport Beach  and the United States who is Triple Board Certified. He holds certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Newport Beach’s Dr. Sajjadian has dedicated his career to developing and implementing advanced techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery, achieving minimal patient discomfort, and natural appearance.

Dr. Sajjadian has been recognized as “Physician of Excellence” by his peers and the Orange County Medical Society. He has also been honored as co-chair of educational symposiums by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Add to that list “Most Compassionate Physician Award”, “America’s Top Plastic Surgeon”, “Patients Best Choice Award”, “America’s Top Physicians”, and “California’s Favorite Physician Award”, and you have one of the more decorated plastic surgeons in Southern California.

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