Will I Need Implants with My Breast Lift?

Few things are inevitable, but sagging breasts almost certainly are. While genetics, pregnancy and aging certainly play a role, most women will experience breast sagging at some point during their lifetime. What’s the solution? A surgical breast lift is one of your best options for reversing sagging and restoring the perky breasts of your youth. We can do this lift on its own, but many women choose to pair it with breast augmentation.

Breast Lift Surgery: What Should I Expect?

Breast lift surgery is a safe and effective way to treat ptosis (or breast sagging). During the surgery, Dr. Sajjadian will make incisions (the type of incision used often depends of the degree and severity of the ptosis), remove excess skin and reshape/reposition the breast tissue. The areola can also be resized if needed. Implants can be added, if desired. Then, the incisions are closed and you head home to recover. Dr. Sajjadian will check in on you regularly during recovery and will be available to answer questions and address concerns.

Do I Need Implants?

While implants are not a necessary part of the breast lift surgery, they are a popular add-on for many women. The breasts can lose volume due to aging and pregnancy, and implants can restore this lost volume. Implants can also be used in patients who have always wanted a larger cup size.

During your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian, you can discuss the pros and cons of implants and determine if they will benefit you.

Will I Need a Separate Surgery to Receive Implants?

If you do choose to receive implants as a part of your breast lift, you will likely be able to receive both procedures at the same time. By pairing your lift and augmentation together, you can reduce your recovery time and expense. Dr. Sajjadian will perform the lift surgery and will add the implants before closing the incisions.

What Type of Implant (Saline or Silicone) Should I Choose?

Triple-board certified Dr. Sajjadian has extensive experience providing breast surgeries and uses both saline and silicone implants. For many women, both options can provide stunning results. Saline implants are available for younger patients (18+) and may be less expensive. Many women believe that silicone implants have a more natural feel. Dr. Sajjadian can make personalized recommendations for your anatomy, goals and lifestyle.

If you’re getting a breast lift, you may want to consider the addition of implants. Talk with Dr. Sajjadian to learn if this option is right for you.