Which Brow Lift is Right for You?

In Orange County, when we evaluate someone for brow lift surgery we start with examining the position of the brow.  There are two basic things that can determine which brow lift surgery is right for you: the height of the brow in relation to the orbital rim and the shape of the brow.  These two factors help guide the selection for lifts of the brow.  In clients where the medial brow is in good position but the lateral brow is flat to down sloping, a temporal brow lift surgery is a great procedure to improve the aesthetics of the eye. If a client needs adjustment of the central portion of the eyebrows or the central and outside portion of the eyebrows lifted, then procedures such as an endoscopic brow lift or trans-blepharoplasty corrugator muscle resection can be used to shape the affected areas.

Temporal brow lifts involve making small incisions to lift the outside portion of the eyebrows.  This method decreases the hooding that occurs above the outside area on the upper eyelid.  Temporal brow lift procedures are low risk procedures than we often combine with upper blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) for our clients in Orange County to optimize the look of the upper eye region. Another great benefit of the brow lift surgeries is that they can easily be done under local anesthetic in the clinic.  Most of our clients in Orange County report minimal to almost no downtime from the brow lift surgery.

As with any plastic surgery, make sure you choose a board certified facial or general plastic surgeon to do a brow lift procedure.  When making the incision for the brow lift a cut is made directly across the path of the facial nerve and if your surgeon does not know the anatomy, a facial droop will result.  Also, don’t let someone just cheat by removing a little scalp tissue and sewing it up because even though the brow will appear higher and the skin tighter, it all relaxes and the brow is right back to the position it was before. Picking a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon and not a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ will help you avoid this issue and likely other complications.

Black eyes are common after the procedure and they typically will last for about 2 weeks.  It’s always a good idea to make sure you have adequate time before any special event when you get plastic surgery done as swelling and healing can take at least a few weeks.  If you live in the Orange County area and are interested in a brow lift procedure contact us today!

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