Everything You Need to Know About Turbinates

The nose is a complex structure filled with tiny bones, cartilage, open spaces, and blood vessels. When everything is working properly, you can breathe easily through the nose, but when things go wrong, breathing can be difficult and uncomfortable symptoms can arise. Today let’s look at one of the small, but important structures inside of the nose: the turbinates. If you have any questions or want to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Sajjadian, one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Newport Beach, give us a call.

What Are Turbinates?

Turbinates are curled, spongy bones covered with soft tissue that extend into the nasal passage. They are responsible for warming and moisturizing air as it enters the nose and play an important role in your ability to breathe properly. Sometimes the turbinates can become enlarged, a condition known as turbinate hypertrophy. When this occurs the turbinates can block airflow and impede proper breathing.

What Are the Signs of Enlarged Turbinates?

Enlarged turbinates can obstruct and even completely block the airway in one or both nostrils. Common signs of a nasal obstructioninclude: nosebleeds, stuffiness, chronic sinus infections, difficulty breathing, and snoring. If you have signs of a nasal obstruction, come see us and Dr. Sajjadian can find the source of your problem. If you have enlarged turbinates, surgical reduction can often alleviate your symptoms.

What Is the Solution for Turbinate Hypertrophy?

If you have enlarged turbinates, or a different nasal obstruction, surgery may be the answer. For turbinate hypertrophy Dr. Sajjadian often recommends a procedure known as turbinate reduction. This reduces the size of the oversized turbinates without removing them. Completely removing a turbinate can lead to other breathing problems like dryness and nasal crusting. The turbinates play an important role in your breathing and are needed. By reducing their size carefully we can retain function while resolving breathing issues.

If you have enlarged turbinates, come see Dr. Sajjadian, one of the area’s best rhinoplasty surgeons. He has performed many successful turbinate reductions and has extensive experience with both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty. Call us today to schedule your consultation with this award-winning, triple board certified plastic surgeon.