What You Need to Know Before your Facelift

No matter how many people there are in the world, no two people will ever be exactly alike. This is particularly noticeable just by looking at the faces you see around you.  If there’s something about your face that you don’t like, a facelift may be able to fulfill your desires.

If you seek long-term results, a facelift will be especially effective when compared to injectables and facial fillers. A facelift can be designed to do many things but most commonly removes excess skin and repositions the muscles and tissue of the face to create a better aesthetic appeal. If you feel you have excess skin on your jawline, it is likely you are a great candidate for a facelift.

Newport Beach facelift surgeons will generally suggest waiting until at least the age of 40 before considering a facelift, but patients as old as 8- can safely undergo the procedure and see great results.

Considerations your facelift surgeon will take into account when designing your facelift include the overall quality of your skin, any amount of sun damage, medical history and your smoking and drinking habits. Each of these things will affect the overall result and possibly the recovery process after the procedure. Due to the complexity and range of these factors, no two facelifts will ever be the same.

Before and after the procedure will be different from patient to patient as well. Your facelift surgeon will likely start you on a basic skin care program to strengthen and nourish the skin before the procedure. Similar treatments may be recommended after the procedure to assist the healing process.

Another talking point with your surgeon will be the type of sedation used. There are a variety of methods and anesthesia options available to you.

Despite all of the factors listed above, the most important step in undergoing a facelift is choosing the right facelift surgeon for you. Only an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon can provide you the best possible results. If you have already started your search for a facelift surgeon in Newport Beach, your quest ends with Dr. Ali Sajjadian.

Triple board certified and with a portfolio of before and after pictures of happy patients, Dr. Sajjadian can surely give you the results you desire. Schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Sajjadian and you will soon see why he is so well-respected as top plastic surgeon in Newport Beach.

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