What Implant Size is Right for Me?

One of the biggest concerns patients have before breast augmentation is choosing the right size implants. They want implants that will provide the fullness they want without being too large. They worry that the size they think they want won’t actually be the size they want. What size implant is right for you? Here are some tips for making this important decision.

Don’t Worry About Cup Size

Many patients come to their first appointment with Dr. Sajjadian with a specific bra size they hope to achieve. They may ask for breast implants that will make them a 40D or a 38DD (or any other size they’ve been dreaming about). While these numbers can be useful in making a baseline decision about implant size, they aren’t very precise and aren’t the most effective tool for determining the size of your implants.

Bra sizes vary widely across bra styles and manufacturers. Sizing isn’t standard. It also changes with time. One bra-fitting expert has noticed dramatic fluctuations in bra sizes over the course of her career. Your size can also impacts cup size. When you gain weight, your bra size increases, lose weight and it decreases. Pregnancy and nursing also have impact on your breast tissue. With so much fluctuation and variation, setting your hopes on particular size isn’t the way to go with breast implants.

Focus on Size, Not Cup Size

The best way to choose an implant size you’ll love is to focus on the actual size and shape you want your breasts, not on a specific cup size. Work closely with Dr. Sajjadian to choose the right implant size for your goals and body type. Create a wishlist for your new breasts. Do you want full and perky? Are you hoping for lots of cleavage? Then work closely with Dr. Sajjadian to set realistic expectations and devise a plan for your surgery.

Choose an Ideal

Dr. Sajjadian loves it when patients bring in examples of their ideal breasts. Is there a celebrity with breasts you’d like to emulate? Do you have a friend with gorgeous implants? Pictures of breasts you like can help Dr. Sajjadian determine your goals much effectively than a cup size. Skip the letter and numbers and bring in a picture instead.

Are you ready for breast augmentation? Dr. Sajjadian, one of the few triple board certified plastic surgeons in the country, specializes in breast surgery procedures. His expertise in saline and silicone breast implants helps him to achieve stunningly natural results that patients love for years to come. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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