Is Non-Invasive Nasal Correction Right for Me?

Hate your nose? Come see Dr. Sajjadian. As a triple board certified plastic surgeon, he’s an excellent choice for surgical nasal modification like rhinoplasty or ethnic rhinoplasty. If you’re not ready for surgery, that’s okay too. Dr. Sajjadian is highly skilled at using a technique known as non-invasive nasal correction to refine your nose’s shape without surgery. In just 15 minutes, you’ll see results, without a recovery period. Is non-invasive nasal correction right for you? Keep reading and find out.

What is Non-Invasive Nasal Correction?

Non-invasive nasal correction uses carefully placed dermal filler injections to reshape and refine the nose, without surgery. Like other dermal filler injections, the results aren’t permanent, but they are very long lasting and can be quickly reapplied to maintain your new look. This treatment can deliver great aesthetic results without the need for surgery or a recovery period. This is also a great option for teenage patients who are waiting for their nose to achieve full size before surgery.

What’s the Procedure Like?

Non-invasive nasal correction is a quick procedure, taking about 15 minutes from start to finish. Dr. Sajjadian begins by applying a numbing cream to the treatment area. This ensures your comfort during the injections. Then a series of injections are placed into precise locations on the nose. Conventional fillers (like hyaluronic acid) are often used, but harvested fat from other areas of the body may also be an option. The injections are surprisingly painless as the needle used is very small. After treatment, you can head right back to your regular life, no need to spend days or weeks off of work to recover.

What Can Non-Invasive Nasal Correction Do?

Non-invasive nasal correction has limitations. It isn’t permanent like a surgical rhinoplasty. It also isn’t an alternative to nasal surgery for many breathing problems. Surgical nasal obstruction correction is typically a better choice for breathing issues. It is, however, a very effective option for aesthetic correction, especially when you don’t have the time to recover from a surgical procedure.

Choosing a Provider

Non-invasive nasal correction might use dermal fillers, but that doesn’t mean that any provider is qualified to perform the procedure. Dr. Sajjadian is a pioneer in non-invasive nasal correction procedures using a cutting edge technique that provides dramatic results in minutes. Providers that lack the deep understanding of the nose’s anatomy or an artistic eye for reshaping the nose won’t be able to achieve the same results as Dr. Sajjadian. Years of experience working with the nose and extensive work with this new, innovative procedure make Dr. Sajjadian an excellent choice for non-invasive nasal correction.

Is non-invasive nasal correction right for you? Call us today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Sajjadian.