Types of Breast Reduction Surgery Best for Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery is certainly possible, there are certain types of breast reduction surgery that are best for preserving lactation. If breastfeeding children is part a woman’s plan for the future, there are certainly things we can do here in Newport Beach during breast reduction surgery to ensure lactation capabilities are preserved. There have been several advances in surgical techniques for breast reductions (reduction mammoplasty), and here in Newport Beach, we are increasingly able to preserve milk-producing tissue so that women who wish to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery will be able to do without difficulty. It is not guaranteed but a number of studies have shown moms can do breast feeding majority of time after having undergone breast reduction.

We’ve found that the techniques that result in the most milk production post-breast reduction surgery are those in which the nipple is not completely severed, even if it may have been moved. Our extensive experience has also provided us with feedback from our Newport Beach clients who’ve gone on to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. They have given us a wealth of information and advice that we can fortunately pass on to our new clients. Through them we have learned of a variety of resources that serve to inform breastfeeding mothers of way to maximize the milk-producing capability of any portion of the mammary system that remains intact and functional.

Since the purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the volume of the breast, breastfeeding is definitely a possibility as long as there is at least one breast with a nipple and areola. Most breast reduction surgical techniques, will affect lactation capability and will to some extent reduce milk production. Breast reduction techniques that have resulted in the least negative impact on future breast feeding are those in which the areolae and nipples are not completely severed (even if they may have been moved) and when the lower portion of the nipple and areola remains intact.

There are a few other details and issues that should be addressed regarding future of breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery and most of those are best dealt with on an individual basis but in general, breastfeeding is definitely a possibility after breast reduction surgery.

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