What to Expect During a Breast Augmentation Examination

Many women consider breast augmentation but are uncomfortable with the idea of the examination. Some women are concerned about the physical exam while others are not sure what questions they will be asked or how to answer. These reservations are completely normal and ultimately should be no reason to decide against the procedure. Informing yourself on the process should give you the peace of mind to take the leap and be on your way to the breasts you want!

Firstly, be prepared to share every detail about how you want your breasts to look and feel after the procedure is complete. There is no detail that is too much for your Newport Beach breast surgeon to know. Every tid-bit can help your surgeon create the procedure designed to fit your exact needs. Feel free to bring pictures of breast augmentation results you would like to imitate or any resources you feel will help your breast surgeon realize your vision.

You should also expect a physical examination, but not one that should make you feel uncomfortable. As your breast surgeon, Dr. Sajjadian needs to fully understand the size, shape, and quality of the breasts and skin to know how to proceed. Factors such as nipple placement and pigmentation are also very important to the aesthetic of your final results.

In many cases, pictures will be taken to be used in the planning of your procedure and then to compare against the results. These images will stay in your file unless you give express written consent for them to be used as an aid to other patients.

Most of all, it’s important to use the consultation as a time to get to know your surgeon. If you are interested in beginning this process with Dr. Sajjadian, please schedule a consultation so he can answer any questions and review your available options.