Teens and Breast Implants: What Should I Do?

Are you a teen considering breast augmentation? Are you a parent of a teen considering breast augmentation? When it comes to breast implants, the decision of when is a big one. Should you get implants as a teen or should you wait? What are your options for teenage breast augmentation? Keep reading to learn more about teen breast augmentation or give us a call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian.

At What Age Is Breast Augmentation Possible?

According to FDA guidelines, cosmetic breast augmentation is available to patients aged 18 and above. Younger teens will need to wait. This gives them an opportunity to further develop both mentally and physically before they undergo this permanently altering surgery. Congenital defects are an exception to this rule. Teens with deformities like Poland Syndrome  may be good candidates for breast augmentation before 18. If this applies to you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian to discuss your options. In general, congenital defect or not, it is best to wait until the breasts are fully developed before undergoing breast augmentation.

Saline, Silicone and Teens

The saline versus silicone implant decision is a major one for any woman considering breast augmentation, but for teens, the decision becomes even more important. Saline implants are approved for use in adults and teens 18+. If you want silicone however, you’ll have to wait until at least 22. This may be due to the fact that saline implants are a bit lower maintenance than silicone. It’s easier to spot a rupture should one occur and removal is also less challenging.

Maturity Matters

Generally it is recommended that teens reach their full adult size before undergoing breast augmentation. This gives them a chance to see how much breast tissue they will develop and allows Dr. Sajjadian to create a breast size and shape that will be complementary to their adult frame. While physical maturity is important, so is emotional development. Teens need to understand that breast augmentation will not change their entire life. A healthy perspective on breast augmentation will help teen patients to enjoy and appreciate their procedure.

The Importance of a Qualified Surgeon

Although a highly skilled plastic surgeon is essential for any procedure, it is especially important for teen patients. They need a surgeon that will carefully explain the procedure, listen to concerns, and create a result that can be enjoyed for decades to come. Triple-board certified Dr. Sajjadian has worked extensively with teens, both in rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. His award winning bedside manner helps him to reassure nervous teens and help them make an informed decision about their procedure.

Are You Ready for Breast Augmentation?

Teen or adult, if you’re ready for breast augmentation, take the next step and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian. Teens that are emotionally and physically ready can have great results from breast augmentation now. Call us today!