Shopping After Breast Augmentation: 5 Tips for Success

One of the biggest thrills of breast augmentation is heading out and getting a new wardrobe after you’ve healed. Trying on clothes (and lingerie) to showcase your new curves can finally make your surgery results feel real. Women who have never enjoyed cleavage can now proudly wear those plunging necklines. But, shopping after breast augmentation isn’t all cleavage and giggles; there are a few challenges too. These tips will help you successfully navigate the process so you can enjoy every minute with your new breasts.

Don’t Buy Everything at Once

After breast augmentation, it takes time for your implants to settle and move into their final placement. It can be months until you reach your final breast size and body shape. During this time, you will need new lingerie and clothing, but you might want to replace your wardrobe slowly, rather than all at once. If you go out and buy everything a couple of weeks after surgery, you’ll find that you need to replace everything again a few months later. Give your body time to heal before you head on that shopping spree and stock up on a few essentials instead.

Buy a Bra

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that women with implants don’t need a bra. This isn’t true. Augmented breasts can sag just like natural breasts (and sometimes even more so). Except for the occasional night out, make bra wearing a priority. It will preserve your investment and help slow sagging. When you go shopping after breast augmentation, don’t forget the new bras!

Get a Bra Fitting

Augmented breasts fit into bras a little differently than natural breasts. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bra that fits; it just means that you need to keep trying until you find it. A professional fitting can be beneficial. It is estimated that more than 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. A professional fitting after breast augmentation can help you quickly figure out your new size and find a bra that will fit and properly support your new breasts. Professional fitters also know which brands fit best around implants and can give you some recommendations.

A bra that fits should be the foundation for your new wardrobe. Any clothes you buy will look better when you’ve got good support underneath.

Your Size Might Not Be What You Expect

If you asked for a 38D at your breast augmentation consultation, you may be expecting this as your new bra size when you head out shopping post-augmentation. Don’t be surprised if things fit a bit differently than you’re expecting. Bra sizing isn’t standardized and can vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer. More important than the number is how your new breasts look. If you love them, don’t worry about the size. This is a good reason to skip online shopping until you’re comfortable with how clothing and bras fit your new body.

Take a Friend

Shopping is always fun, but you’ll find its better with a friend, especially when you’ve got hot new curves to show off. Take a friend and make a day of it. You’ve worked hard to achieve your stunning new body. Enjoy it!

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