Rhinoplasty Recovery: The First Few Days…

Here in Newport Beach we’ve found that like with any surgery, the recovery period for rhinoplasty is a little bit different for everybody. That’s why Dr. Sajjadian encourages all of his rhinoplasty clients to talk to others who’ve had the procedure to hear their experience. But as will most things, there are some common generalization that we can predict and inform our clients in regards to what recovery after rhinoplasty is like.

A mild, dull headache, soreness and swelling of the nose are the most common immediate effects of rhinoplasty. Unless there is an infection or other problem, severe pain is not common. Most rhinoplasty clients take some pain medication the first day or two after the procedure but are usually feeling well enough to switch to over-the-counter pain medication after a few days.

The most annoying symptom after rhinoplasty is probably the congestion you will feel from all the swelling and healing going on inside the nose. This too resolves after the first few days. However, for those clients who underwent rhinoplasty to solve some structural breathing problems, they may notice an improvement immediately after surgery, even with all the swelling. Most others may take some more time to start noticing the positive results from their rhinoplasty.

Because dryness can irritate the nasal lining significantly, it’s wise to avoid dry environments and nasal irritants, sometimes using a humidifier in your room is helpful. Avoid blowing your nose or using nasal sprays and ointments in your nose until your plastic surgeon says it’s OK to do so.

Often mild to moderate swelling and bruising around the nose and cheeks is seen after rhinoplasty. The extent of bruising and swelling depends on each individual’s skin tone, elasticity, age, health, and the complexity of the rhinoplasty itself – how long it was and what was done. If your nose had to be broken and reset, you can understandably expect more bruising than others would. Regardless of what was done during the rhinoplasty, the majority of the bruising is usually mostly gone after the first week, week and a half.

Recovery from rhinoplasty like we mentioned above is different for everyone so if you live in the Newport Beach area and are considering a rhinoplasty and want to know more, contact our office today. Dr. Sajjadian has extensive experience in performing natural looking rhinoplasty procedures and can answer any questions you may have!