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Often our clients who have undergone a nose job here at our offices in Newport Beach are terrified to touch their noses after rhinoplasty, afraid that they will do something to harm their result. Following post operative (after surgery) instruction is very important to the success of surgery. Early on you want to avoid activities that can significantly raise your blood pressure and cause unwanted swelling. While Dr. Sajjadian recommends taking it easy and avoiding activities that would cause you to accidently fall or bump your nose, thankfully, there aren’t too many things you can do to really harm the result. You don’t have to walk around shielding or guarding your nose from everything and you certainly can touch it and get reacquainted your nose, don’t be afraid.

To speed up healing and get your new nose back into camera-ready shape, there are few things Dr. Sajjadian suggests you do before and after your nose job. First and foremost, read and follow the instruction you are given by your plastic surgeon. They are there to help make your nose job a success and ensure you recover as quickly and easily as possible. Our Newport Beach rhinoplastyclients all get a list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery because there are certain things that can cause bleeding or affect your overall healing.  You’ll definitely want to follow this advice to avoid unnecessary aesthetic problems, bleeding and/or swelling.

Keeping your head up after your nose job will help significantly especially when you sleep.  If you don’t you’ll notice more swelling and congestion. We also tell all our clients here in Newport Beach to keep ice packs handy because keeping cool compresses over your eyes and cheeks the first 48 hours will help with pain and swelling. Avoid bending, lifting anything over a few pounds, exercise, or anything that gets your blood pressure up as this can increase swelling and cause bleeding. Sleep a lot! Yes, doctor’s orders include lots and lots of rest. When you’re not resting get outside and take some leisurely and eat well. Pay attention to signals your body may be sending you that something isn’t right. If anything such as severe pain or just if your healing process seems to be different than expected. Also be aware that for the first few weeks, your nose is healing and will not look like the final results for some time. So do your best to avoid staring in the mirror or over-analyzing every little bit of your nose right after a nose job.

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