Reducing Nostril Size

It’s not uncommon for the clients who come to our Costa Mesa plastic surgery office to specifically request modifications to the nostrils. Reducing the width of the nostrils is very common and is used for a variety of nose issues.  Like other parts of the nose (i.e. the nasal bridge, tip, sidewalls, etc…), the nostrils requires a more customized approach.  Nostril shaping and reduction during rhinoplasty is highly specialized and commonly needed for ethnic patients.

Each case is different but there a few common causes of “nostril dissatisfaction.” Here are few common issues we take care of every day at our Costa Mesa office:

  • Very wide base with poorly projecting tip
  • Very wide base, poorly projecting tip and rounded nostrils
  • Wide base but with normal projecting tip
  • Wide base or normal base but large projecting nose

Each of these issues and others will have a unique, tailored approach that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you. Here in Costa Mesa we evaluate the nostril aperture, the distance between the nostrils, the shape of the nostrils (round, oval, or teardrop), the thickness of the actual nostril and rim, as well as the amount of nostril flaring and angulation of all Newport Beach rhinoplasty clients.  Nostril reduction and overall rhinoplasty demands a meticulous eye and precise surgical delivery.  Because ethnic noses often require more frequent nostril reduction, in general, a surgeon who operates on a diverse ethnic population will have more experience with thick skin and various ways to shape the nostrils to harmonize and balance with the rest of the nose.

Most importantly, regardless of the technique or problem treated, always be sure you choose a surgeon that is board certified in plastic surgery and/or facial plastic surgery. This is your face, we’ve all seen and heard of the horror stories that happen when people allow an inexperienced or unqualified professional do surgery on their bodies, don’t be one of those stories.  Here in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa you will not find a more qualified, caring and skilled practice. Spend some time looking over our vast array of nose jobs in our rhinoplasty before and after gallery. There are several that included nostril reduction and many ethnic nose revisions.

If you are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgical procedure, contact our office todayDr. Sajjadianwill be more than happy to take care of you here in our Newport Beach/Costa Mesa office.