Packing and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, whether done for cosmetic and/or reconstructive reasons to improve breathing and improve sinus function, have traditionally required “packing” into the nose. The material used for packing can be either a cloth-like material or even a thick gel-like substance. Some reasons packing is used include: to support and secure the changes made by the rhinoplasty so it doesn’t collapse down during the immediate post-operative period; to reduce post-operative bleeding and to act as means to introduce medications into the nose during the post-operative healing process if needed.

Dr. Sajjadian doesn’t use packing at all. He uses the most advanced technique which helps with quicker recovery, healing and minimal downtime. Packing after rhinoplasty is definitely not a favorite among clients here in the Orange County/Costa Mesa area either. Why? Well, the main reason is obstruction to breathing that it causes. Whether that when the nose is packed with gel-like substances or cloth-like material there is lack of normal airflow through the nostrils that is not only annoying but can cause anxiety and claustrophobia for some people. Mouth-breathing also causes dry throat, snoring and discomfort until the packing can be removed.

Thankfully, most rhinoplasty procedures only require the packing to stay in for one or two days. However, for those who need additional procedures to improve function or address the sinuses the packing may need to stay in for four to five days.

Dr. Sajjadian has incorporated many advances in rhinoplasty that make nasal packing unnecessary. Now, instead of nasal packing, soft silicone splints to help stabilize the internal structures of the nose during the first week after rhinoplasty without blocking the nasal passages. Our Costa Mesa clients love that these temporary splints do not completely block the nasal passages. Typically these septal splints are removed with the external cast within the first week after having a rhinoplasty procedure.

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