Mother and Daughter Rhinoplasty

It’s not uncommon for women to choose to get a rhinoplasty with another woman. In fact we frequently see mother and daughter duos here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice. Rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery in general can be an empowering experience for women and it can be fun to do it with someone else.  In fact a strong support system is vital for optimum results and recovery.  So it’s no wonder that the mother-daughter plastic surgery idea has taken off so successfully.  Not only does it provide support but the other person knows exactly what you’re going through!

In Newport Beach, when a mother and daughter decide to come in for a rhinoplasty consultation, they’ve made a choice that will not only change their features, but it will strengthen the bond of their relationship. And of course it’s not always just a rhinoplasty. Sometimes one opts for a breast augmentation while the other gets a rhinoplasty or other cosmetic procedure. Just having another go through cosmetic surgery with you makes it easier and less daunting because you know someone else is making that big step with you. Interestingly enough, the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has also reported a significant rise in the trend of plastic surgery in pairs, which includes mothers and daughters.

Often its special occasions that inspire a mother-daughter pair to consider rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery procedure. Special occasions often mean many photographs will be taken and who doesn’t want to the look their best in a picture that can been seen by everyone at for an indefinite period of time.  Mother-daughter duos for rhinoplasty are not a surprise because if you think about it, mothers and daughters share genes and likely share physical characteristics. And understandably, they might share the same self-consciousness or at least an understanding of the situation personally.  An added benefit of mother-daughter plastic surgery is that we can coordinate their procedures at our Newport Beach rhinoplasty facility, ensuring that a resemblance carries through the operations.

Here in Newport Beach, we routinely provide exemplary patient care, with state-of-the-art equipment that aim to bolster health, beauty and wellness. If you live in the area and are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty or any other service Dr. Sajjadian provides, contact our office today!