The Beauty of a Nose Job

At our plastic surgery office in Newport Beach the most common reason why people come in for a nose job is to improve the appearance of their nose. They may feel that the size or shape of their nose is disproportionate to the rest of their facial features, and so wish to have surgery in order to bring a harmonious balance to their face. During a nose job, changes can be made to the bridge, tip, and nostrils, making nose reshaping a versatile procedure. Even the smallest improvement to the nose can have an enormous impact on an individual’s appearance. That’s the beauty of a nose job.

For example, an imbalance between a person’s nose and the rest of their facial features can make a distinct difference in their appearance.  Many of our Newport Beach nose job clients have a nose that may be larger than the rest of their facial features. A nose job can easily trim down the shape of the nose and create symmetry in their face. Of course, a nose job can simply improve the shape of the nose. Have a bump or bulbous tip that draws unwanted attention? Shaving down the bump or adjusting the tip can be done during a nose job in order to draw attention to other areas of the face, creating better balance all over. Fixing crookedness caused by a previous break is another cosmetic improvement that a nose job can do.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, a nose job can dramatically improve the function of a nose. Dr. Sajjadian performs many nose jobs here in Newport Beach in order to address health-related issues as well as cosmetic ones. One way that a nose job can improve the function of the nose is by widening narrow nasal passages and correct structural abnormalities that obstruct or make breathing difficult. The common causes of difficulty breathing through the nose include septal deviation, turbinate enlargement, nasal valve collapse and allergies. Certain birth defects or having a previously broken nose are among the causes of narrow or blocked nasal passages. Health insurances are also more likely to cover the costs of a nose jobs if they are done to fix functional problems and are not purely cosmetic.

The beauty of a nose job doesn’t stop there. The benefits go even farther as many of our Newport Beach clients report and improved self-esteem, confidence and overall happiness since their nose jobs. Although a nose may be small compared to other parts of the body, it has a huge impact on an individual’s appearance, their confidence and how they interact with others. The benefits of a nose job are more than skin deep and that’s why we love doing them.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and want to learn more about what Dr. Sajjadian and a nose job can do for you contact our office today. You won’t be disappointed.