Mommy Makeovers: Caring for You (part 1)

It’s a no-brainer. When it comes to caring for baby, as a new mom you likely armed yourself with the best information possible, but now what about caring for yourself?

After childbirth many women find that diet and exercise alone cannot fully restore their bodies after childbirth. In Newport Beach we know how hard and frustrating this can be for moms. Especially in an area where it’s swimsuit season all year long. We want women, especially those hard-working dedicated women who are called “Mom” to enjoy feeling confident in their own skin. Sadly stretched out excess skin, or sagging breast can’t necessarily be fixed with diet and exercise alone.

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a beautiful, miraculous process, but it can also leave women feeling stretched out and not happy about the way they look afterwards. Women all over California and the world are finding that a mommy makeover is a great way to get the body back after having a child. Once they have gone as far as possible with diet and exercise, a mommy makeover can assist in treating problem areas that are left, like excess skin around the navel and/or saggy, deflated breasts.

While Mommy Makeovers are becoming more common, there are still many misconceptions and misinformation out there. To help women our clients better understand their options, we want to address 5 major Mommy Makeover myths:

  1. Mommy Makeover always consists of a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Sometimes but not always… This is about your body and what you want. While this is probably the most common combination included in a mommy makeover it is in essence a highly personalized combo procedure and there are many other options available. A mommy makeover can include and combination of a Costa Mesa breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  2. Breast augmentation is the only effective way to correct deflated breasts after breast feeding. False…  A breast lift with or without breast augmentation is a great restorative option that can help in resizing the areola which is often left larger than desired after childbearing.
  3. Diet and exercise can get you back to your original shape, if you simply work hard enough. Not always… While diet and exercise are the best and preferred way to lose weight and get a toned body, muscle separation and laxity caused by the swelling of the uterus during pregnancy often require more than diligent physical activity and healthy eating. What’s great about mommy makeovers is that a tummy tuck or even a mini-tummy tuck which  targets just the lower portion of the abdomen, is often necessary to put the finishing touches on hard work done by diet and exercise.

To be continued…

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