Breast Augmentation Urban Dictionary (part 2)

If you or anyone you know is considering breast implants or any other type of breast enhancement surgery you’ve likely come across some somewhat strange verbiage in chat rooms, blogs, or other conversation venues about the topic. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery and so it’s not too surprising that it has created its own urban “vocabulary” so to speak. To help to help our Newport Beach clients and others navigate their way through conversations regarding breast enhancement procedures, we’ve compiled a little “urban dictionary”. This is part 2: C-D

Capsular Contracture: A possible complication from breast augmentation surgery.  If the tissue around the new breast implants react by attaching to the implants and becoming inflamed, breasts may look (and feel) rock hard. It’s not common but can happen. There are different grades of capsular contracture ranging from a Grade I – where the breast is soft and looks natural to a Grade IV – where the breast is firm, painful and look abnormal from the tightening.  To correct capsular contracture for severe capsular contracture is to replace the breast implants.

CC: Stands for cubic centimeter.  CC’s are used to measure the fluid of saline or silicone gel inside breast implants.  Sizes range from 120 to 800 cc’s. Mid-range breast implants (350 cc) are the most popular.

D & F: Is the term used for “drop & fluff”. After breast implants are inserted swelling and stretching of the chest wall muscles can push the implants upward, often creating an unnatural look. Eventually, the implants will “drop” into place and the tissues will soften and “fluff”.

Dual Plane: Dual plane is a commonly used surgical technique where the top part of the implant is placed under the muscle but the bottom half is covered only by breast tissue.  This technique produces an upward rotation or lift of the breast which is helpful in breasts that have a little sag.

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