I’m Thinking About a Facelift. What Other Complementary Procedures Should I Consider?

If you want to take 10 years off of your appearance, consider a facelift. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions facial tissues to rejuvenate the lower face. Although a facelift provides excellent results on its own, many patients choose to pair it with complementary procedures to further enhance their appearance. If you’re thinking about a facelift, these procedures may make an excellent addition.

Dermal Fillers or Fat Transfer- What Can These Treatments Do for Me?

Volume loss in the face is a common part of the aging process. Dr. Sajjadian often recommends dermal fillers or fat grafting to restore some of this youthful volume. This builds up the volume of the mid-face region. Fat grafting offers more permanent results, but dermal fillers are a very easy to use option and, depending on the filler used, can last for years.

How Can I Rejuvenate My Skin?

Brown spots and rough skin texture are not corrected by a facelift. We can add a chemical or laser peel to your facelift to rejuvenate the skin. By treating hyperpigmentation and discoloration we can restore a youthful radiance to your skin.

My Lips Droop. Will a Facelift Help?

Some patients experience changes to their upper lip as part of the aging process. Dr. Sajjadian may recommend surgical lip enhancement for these patients. He can correct drooping and lift the upper lip to a more youthful position as long as it will lead to  natural looking results.

How Can I Improve My Upper Face?

A facelift rejuvenates the lower and mid-face. If you have significant signs of aging on the upper face Dr. Sajjadian may recommend blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or a brow lift. These procedures can provide rejuvenation to the upper face and make an excellent complement to a facelift.

Do I Need Botox® with My Facelift?

There’s a reason that Botox® is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the U.S. Botox® is incredibly effective and provides dramatic results with no downtime. After a facelift Botox® can smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. By pairing Botox® with a facelift you can experience a full face transformation without adding additional surgeries. Botox® results last 3-4 months and can be maintained with regular retreatment.

Can I Have These Complementary Procedures Performed with My Facelift? Will I Need Multiple Surgeries?

Often complementary treatments can be performed during the same operation as a facelift. During your consultation you can discuss any additional treatments you’re considering. Dr. Sajjadian can help you determine if all treatments can be done together or if additional procedures will be needed. Safety is our priority, so we will never recommend pairing treatments unless we can do so safely.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward your facelift, call and schedule a personalized consultation with triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sajjadian.