Breast Augmentation Urban Dictionary (part 3)

If you or anyone you know is considering breast implants or any other type of breast enhancement surgery you’ve likely come across some somewhat strange verbiage in chat rooms, blogs, or other conversation venues about the topic. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery and so it’s not too surprising that it has created its own urban “vocabulary” so to speak. To help to help our Newport Beach breast implants clients and others navigate their way through conversations regarding breast enhancement procedures, we’ve compiled a little “urban dictionary”. This is part 3…

Fat Transfer: Fat transfer is a more “natural” option for breast augmentation. This type of procedure leaves less scarring than traditional BA methods. Fat transfer breast enhancement surgeries involve gently lip suctioning fat from the abdomen and thighs and re-injecting it into the breasts.

Frankenboob/Spongebob Square Boob: Having breasts that have a high “rectangular” or “square” appearance immediately after surgery due to the swelling and inflammation that happens due to surgery. As the post-op swelling goes down that the breasts drop, soften and look less…boxy and more like normal breasts.

Gummy Bear Implants: Gummy bear implants are a type of silicone breast that has highly cohesive silicone gel content. Benefits of the gummy bear implants include: the ability to retain their shape over time, less risk for rippling and less risk for silicone leakage. This is all due to their consistency, which is resembles that of gummy bears – if you cut into one they don’t leak.

Profile: Profile is how far breast implants project (or stick out) from chest. High and ultrahigh profile implants draw a bit more attention than moderate profile implants.

Morning Boob: When implants appear swollen in the morning. This may happen because during the first few weeks after a breast enhancement surgery you do not swing or use your arms very much so it’s “morning boob” may occur because the pectoralis muscles of the chest tighten up to try to return to their previously un-stretched state and so morning firmness results. It is a temporary phenomenon and as the body heals and gets used to the implants, morning boob will go away.

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