How Do I Respond to Questions About My Plastic Surgery?

“You look great. What’s your secret?”

“Your nose looks different. Did you have surgery?”

After plastic surgery, you might get some questions. How should you handle them? Try these tips.

Talk About It Before and After

Your upcoming plastic surgery procedure is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t try to keep the procedure a secret. Tell people about your excitement for surgery before you go in and proudly show off the results after you’ve healed. Some patients even like to host an unveiling party where they show friends and family their new look. Talking about your surgery before will save you from a lot of awkward questions after.

Embrace Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery isn’t a deep, dark secret. Embrace the fact that you’ve had help looking so great. Many of the most beautiful people in world, including Hollywood celebrities, have had cosmetic surgery. If you’re proud of your surgery, tell the world. You don’t need to try and hide it.

Share Resources

Many people that ask about your surgery may be doing so because they’re interested in cosmetic enhancement too. Share resources and information. Talk about the procedure and the recovery. Refer them to your favorite surgeon. Some great plastic surgery resources include:

Don’t Be Surprised if No One Asks

Many patients assume everyone will ask about their surgery and are surprised when no one does. Skilled plastic surgeons are experts at making results look natural. Dr. Sajjadian’s triple-board certification and extensive training in cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-invasive) allow him to create results that people notice, but that aren’t necessarily attributed to surgery. You may never be asked about your surgery, but told instead, “Wow! You look amazing.”

If you’re considering plastic surgery, stop worrying about what everyone else will think and start thinking about what you want. After surgery, the only question that will likely matter to you is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”