Fillers for Rhinoplasty? Non-invasive Rhinoplasty?

Have you recently had a rhinoplasty but your nostrils look uneven? Thinking about putting a filler in the nostril(s) to make up for the difference? Think carefully about it. Filler placement in the nose can cause irreversible, negative changes to your skin that would be very difficult to correct afterwards. And it is not FDA- approved. Although we understand it’s definitely a tempting “easy fix”, we recommend you avoid it. The best option is to wait for the initially swelling from your rhinoplasty to completely resolve (about one year) and then if still not completely satisfied, return to the surgeon that did the initial rhinoplasty or find an experienced surgeon for a revision.

Many of our colleagues in the Newport Beach area and elsewhere would agree and say that they too have been disappointed with fillers to correct nostril asymmetries (unevenness) for several reasons. For one, temporary fillers are compressible and does not even reach the tissues in the tip of the nose. This means that fillers used for rhinoplasty do not easily stay where they are placed, leading to very disappointing outcomes, not to mention a waste of money and time.

Permanent fillers on the other hand are much less compressible than temporary fillers and so if they are placed incorrectly they will leave a permanent (hard) lump that may be worse than the original problem. Revision rhinoplasty may also need to be done to remove the defect left by improperly administered permanent fillers.

Many of our clients here in Newport Beach who have had fillers put in elsewhere report to us that fillers hurt, badly, and that seems to be the consensus of reports from others as well. Even if topical numbing medications are used, injections of the thick fillers are extremely painful in the tip of the nose. It makes me just cringe at the thought! Even injecting anesthesia into the tip of the nose doesn’t help apparently and doing so can take up potential space for the filler to occupy. We are able to occasionally do hyaluronic acid filler carefully and in small amounts in a safe way in patients that do not want to undergo Rhinoplasty or if they have minor flaws or for other reasons as determined by your surgeon.

Here at our Newport Beach office we do plenty of rhinoplasties on clients who have had non-surgical fillers placed in the nose. Apparently the majority of those who have tried fillers eventually end up with a surgical rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery gives more complete, long lasting and reliable results.  It’s best to save your money and just get it done the right way first time around.

If you are in the Newport Beach area and are thinking about making improvements to your nose, go no further. Contact our office today for a consultation so we can talk about all the options we have available to you.