Exercising After the Brazilian Butt Lift

There seems to be a misunderstanding among the general population when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift and exercising. Many women think that in order to maintain your Brazilian butt lift results you must make exercise your full time job from there on out. This fear of wasted time and money on the procedure, and worse, possible deformation of the buttocks results in a considerable amount of hesitation when considering the Brazilian butt lift.

It is absolutely incorrect that exercising like a maniac is necessary to maintain your Brazilian butt lift results.  As with any procedures, Newport Beach plastic surgeons recommend a “healthy” amount of exercise. Although this statement can be very relative, basically it means you should be exercising the same way you should be exercising if you did not get a Brazilian butt lift.

After you have fully healed from your Brazilian butt lift procedure your results are more or less permanent. This does not exclude the possibility for weight gain or loss, but the shape will stay generally stable.  Exercising your gluteus will only augment the results from your Brazilian butt lift and your overall health.

Running is an excellent way to exercise your gluteus while also supporting the health of the entire body. Running up hill can help put extra emphasis on the gluteus and will intensify your entire workout. Popular here in Newport Beach, another great exercise that will pump up those Brazilian butt lift results is squats. Depending on your personal level of fitness and desire to lift weight you can do free standing squats at a higher pace, or you can use free weights or a barbell (free or supported) to augment your squat.

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