Spring into a New You! Your Guide to Breast Rejuvenation

Spring into a new you with breast rejuvenation. If you’ve been dreaming of bigger breasts, now’s the time to turn those dreams into reality. Come in for breast augmentationbreast reduction, or breast lift surgery now and you’ll be able to show off your new look this summer as you lounge by the pool. Call today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with top breast surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian.

Why Should I Consider Breast Augmentation This Spring?

Are you thinking about breast augmentation this spring? This surgery places an implant into the breasts to increase size and enhance shape. Hurry on in and explore your options. Here are a few top reasons to consider getting your implants before summer.
• Get Your Breasts Ready for Summer- Come in for breast augmentation this spring and you’ll be ready to flaunt your new figure come summer. What better way to show off your new look than lounging in a bikini by the pool?
• Love Your Look Now- Tomorrow never comes. If you’re dreaming of breast augmentation someday, make that day today. The sooner you come in, the sooner you can enjoy the breasts you’ve always wanted.
Breast augmentation can be performed year-round, no matter the season, but if you’re ready for surgery now, it is an excellent time.

Am I Ready for Breast Reduction This Spring?

Are you weighed down by heavy breasts? Lighten your load and put a spring back in your step with breast reduction. Are you thinking about breast reduction? Here are a few reasons to come in this spring.
• Reduce Back Strain and Neck Pain- Are your breasts heavy and uncomfortable? Breast reduction surgery can reduce your discomfort, relieving back and neck pain and eliminating rashes. Don’t for tomorrow to feel better.
• Expand Your Clothing Options- Shopping for swimsuits and summer clothing can be difficult with supersized breasts. Get breast reduction this spring and enjoy a wider range of clothing options this summer, winter, and beyond.

Should I Consider a Breast Lift This Spring?

What are you getting rid of as you spring clean this year? May we suggest excess breast skin? A breast lift can eliminate sagging and restore a rejuvenated breast shape. Consider a breast lift this spring. Here are a few reasons why.
• Complement Your Other Breast Procedures- If you’re considering breast augmentation this spring, you may want to add on a lift. Implants alone won’t typically eliminate breast sagging. A breast lift is the perfect complement to your breast augmentation.
• Get Your Body Back After Baby- Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Celebrate your special day by reversing some of the breast changes you experienced bringing your babies into the world. A breast lift can reverse the sagging that is so common after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Spring is a time of rebirth. During the spring, rejuvenation is all around you. Don’t you deserve to get in on the fun? Breast surgery won’t change who you are, but it can change how you feel about your body. Discover a new you this spring!
Dr. Sajjadian, is well known and respected because of his compassionate care of his patients. He believes in listening intently to patients and truly understanding their goals and desires. Dr. Sajjadian believes in continuous education and extensive training, and he actively teaches and participates in many educational meetings each year at regional, national and international levels. Dr. Sajjadian has been recognized numerous times during the past few years as a “Physician of Excellence” as selected by his peers and Orange County Medical Association. Call and schedule your breast surgery consultation today with triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian.