Breast Implant Rupture- What You Need to Know

Will my breast implants leak? What happens if my implant pops? If you have breast implants, or are considering getting them, you may have questions about implant leakage and rupture. Here’s what you need to know.

How Common Is Breast Implant Leakage?

Breast implants can leak or rupture, especially as they get older. New, modern implants are stronger than ever and leaks aren’t common. Newer implant types, like the cohesive gel or gummy bear implant, are thought to have a lower potential for leakage due to the thick silicone filling.

Do I Really Need to Replace My Breast Implants Every 10 Years?

Decades ago the standard advice was to replace breast implants every 10 years, needed or not. This is no longer the general advice. Women often replace their implants to change size, to upgrade to a newer type of implant, or due to a leak. Replace your implants as needed, not based on a calendar. Plan on replacing your implants once or twice over the course of your life when you get your initial breast augmentation. Replacing an implant generally requires less recovery than the initial breast augmentation.

How Will I Know if My Implant Leaks or Ruptures?

The type of implant you have will make a big difference in your ability to detect a potential leak. If you have saline breast implants and get a leak the sterile saline solution will leak into the breast and be safely absorbed by the body. The impacted breast will deflate, causing a very noticeable change in breast appearance. You’ll know you have a leak.

With silicone implants it can be a bit trickier to spot a leak. You’ll need MRI or ultrasound imaging every few years to look for potential leaks. Some women with silicone implants feel different in the breast and can sense an implant leak. If you suspect you have a leak, come see us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Which Type of Implant Is Best for Ruptures- Saline or Silicone?

Both saline and silicone implants can leak. Since cohesive gel implants have a thicker filling, they are less likely to leak, even if the implant develops a hole. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each implant type with you during your consultation.

Is an Implant Leak Harmful to My Health?

If your implant develops a leak the filling inside will leak into the breast. This happens with both saline and silicone implants. Neither solution is thought to be harmful to your health. Leaks happen, but they generally shouldn’t cause any lasting health complications.

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