Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach

While breast implants come a variety of shapes and sizes, the majority of women who get breast augmentation in the United States actually choose more subtle augmentations rather than the over the top breast implants that. Most of our Newport Beach plastic surgeryclients for example often go from something like an A to a B or C cup. And women from all walks of life get breast augmentations from lawyers and doctors to school teachers and stay-at-home moms. Most of our clients in Newport Beach just want to “fill out” their clothing, or feel more confident. With the right size and a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon, results can look “natural” for even the most conservative environments.

When considering breast augmentation, one choice you’ll have, when it comes to choosing the right breast implant for you is smooth versus textured silicone implants

There are two types of textured implants are available in the states. They are the Mentor Siltex and Allergan Biocell breast implants. There are two main reasons to consider using textured rather than smooth implants. One reason that textured breast implants are sometimes liked over smooth is that with textured breast implants, there is a reduced risk of capsular contracture, a possible painful condition that occurs when the body adversely reacts to the breast implants and the tissue inappropriately tightens around the implant. The other main reason textured implants are referred is that textured implants can aid in the prevention of “flipping over”, where basically the implant shifts and flips over under the tissue.

The negatives for textured implants include higher rupture rates and a stiffer shell compared to smooth breast implants. However, because now a days most plastic surgeons place almost all implants behind the pectoral muscle there is much less risk for capsular contracture in textured and smooth breast implants. Textured saline implants may more wrinkling than smooth saline implants.

While textured breast implants have their benefits, many plastic surgeons reserve textured silicone implants for revision surgery to correct capsular contracture. Also, many of our Newport Beach breast implants clients choose smooth silicone implants because they are softer, have fewer wrinkles, and last longer.

Textured silicone implants are also most useful for women who have full but droopy breasts and will need a lift to reshape the breast. Textured silicone implants can serve as “Velcro” which help the overlying breast flaps to “stick”, as long as the volume is not excessive.  Eventually gravity will affect all types of breast implants but the textured silicone implants “drop” the least because of their “Velcro-like” texture.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and are considering breast augmentationcontact our office today. With our experienced and caring staff, we will find the right breast implant for you.