Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach – Fact vs. Fiction

Breast augmentation surgery is wildly popular here in the Newport Beach area and elsewhere. We see women from all over the area as well as abroad and I am now rarely surprised by new “myths” that arise about breast augmentation. We want all our clients and friends to be well informed about this popular surgery so we’ve compiled a little list of fact vs. fiction topics that come up often in our Newport Beach plastic surgery office.

  1. Breast augmentation lasts a lifetime: Mostly true… While breast implants (whether silicone or saline) aren’t designed to last your entire lifetime, you don’t need to have breast implants replaced unless there is a problem and now a days, problems are few and far between. The major implant manufacturers of course will recommend that you have your breast implants replaced every 10 years to prevent a rupture, but it’s not a requirement. But because it’s a possibility, you should go into your first breast augmentation surgery with the understanding that future surgeries may be required.
  2. My breasts will look great right away: False… You will notice a great level of improvement shortly after… Breast augmentation surgery is a major surgery so you may have some soreness and swelling after getting breast implants.  Also, your chest muscles tighten up after surgery and so your new breasts may start out resting higher on your chest than they will after the swelling goes down and your muscles relax. Healing is slow but over the next several weeks to months (depending on the patient), the breasts will slowly settle into a more natural position.  Because of this, we always recommend that our Newport beach/ Newport Beach breast augmentation clients take time to all their body to recover before panning special occasions, photo shoots, etc…
  3. Breast implants will make my breasts look fake: False… Many fear having breasts that look obviously fake but if you choose a good board-certified plastic surgeon, pick a natural-looking size and placement (for example, under the muscle), the majority of people will have no clue you have implants. We’ve had clients who tell us that even their good friends and family didn’t know I had a breast augmentation.
  4. The recovery period is painful: Depends… But we use the most advanced techniques to minimize that.  It certainly isn’t painful enough to keep breast augmentation surgery from being the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the world but a degree of pain and discomfort should be expected after any major surgery. The degree of pain all depends on the individual. Most of our clients report some degree of discomfort, with the most pain being in the first few days. However, many find relief from rest, ice, compression and medication if necessary. The most challenging part of the recovery period often is not the pain but the inability to lift things or workout for about four weeks afterwards. Walking any other mild forms of exercise are permitted after the first few days. The majority of women, however, love their new breasts and report back that the results are worth it!

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