Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast asymmetry is more common than you may think. Almost all women have some asymmetry, although the extent of the problem does vary dramatically. If you have asymmetrical breasts, breast augmentation may help you to even out breast size. Also breast shape and nipple position can be made more similar. Come see Dr. Sajjadian, a top breast surgeon, to discuss your options. We want you to love your breasts!

Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction- Which Is the Better Solution to Asymmetry?

Dr. Sajjadian typically recommends breast augmentation for patients with asymmetrical breasts. He often uses submuscular implants (placing the implant under the pectoral muscle) of varying sizes. The smaller implant goes into the larger breast and the larger implant into the naturally smaller breast. When implant sizes are chosen correctly this can dramatically reduce asymmetry and create a balanced breast appearance. Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled breast surgeon, and one that focuses on detail and has extensive experience correcting asymmetry.

Every patient is different; an in-person consultation is the only way to get specific advice about the best course of action for your breasts.

Why Is Breast Augmentation Preferred Over Breast Reduction to Correct Asymmetry?

Breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery are two options for correcting breast asymmetry. Typically Dr. Sajjadian recommends augmentation. With augmentation both breasts will look the same. If you simply reduce the size of one breast, you’ll have one breast with scarring and one natural breast. Breast augmentation typically leaves fewer visible scars than a one-sided reduction.

Are Saline or Silicone Implants Better for Correcting Asymmetry?

Saline and silicone implants are both used to correct breast asymmetry. Dr. Sajjadian can help you choose implant type before your procedure. Both saline and silicone have unique benefits. Saline implants can be adjusted to size in the breast, giving greater flexibility in correcting asymmetry, but many women prefer the feel of a silicone implant. The best option for you will depend on the amount of natural breast tissue you have, the desired size of your breasts, and your preferences.

Uneven breasts? Call and schedule your breast consultation with Dr. Sajjadian. Breast asymmetry is highly treatable, often with excellent results.