Baby Botox 101: What You Need to Know

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, what are you looking for? A procedure that offers a long-term solution to unsightly forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, or that quotation mark between your eyebrows. Or are you looking for a quick and convenient treatment so that you can return to your daily activities after you leave the doctor’s office?

Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide, with millions of injections performed over two decades with a proven history of safe and effective results. But on the downside, Botox has become synonymous with an expressionless forehead, overarching eyebrows, and a pinched smile.

Baby Botox treatments are smaller amounts of the neurotoxin at the same strength levels to deliver subtle outcomes for a natural, fresh-faced appearance. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular with the injectors providing the product and the patients who demand it.

As a triple-board certified plastic surgeon and expert in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Dr. Ali Sajjadian is a leader in this advanced technique. Below he explains everything about Baby Botox in Newport Beach for those seeking natural results without surgery.

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox, by definition, is injected in small doses in target areas compared to injecting into each point with more units like traditional Botox treatments. It allows for a more natural result and aims to eliminate forehead wrinkles while allowing muscle movement and facial expressions. With this approach, less Botox is distributed across the forehead, brow, and crow’s feet to prevent the infamous frozen appearance by allowing animated muscle contractions to occur.

Why is Baby Botox Popular?

Aesthetic medicine has trended toward more natural outcomes. Dr. Sajjadian has employed this approach for decades, and baby Botox treatment fits well with his overall practice initiatives. Depending on your cosmetic goals, baby Botox could be an optimal choice to include in your anti-aging regimen.

Baby Botox Candidates

Many women and men who consult with Dr. Sajjadian are unaware of this treatment, but they want to look rejuvenated and natural, with results that don’t make it obvious that they’ve had work done. There is a set methodology that most training courses teach on how to administer Botox, but this often leaves patients with an undesired and unnatural appearance.

Baby Botox candidates want to revive their youthful facial appearance with no evidence they’ve had work done. Many people in their twenties opt for baby Botox to address premature lines and wrinkles and prevent deep forehead crevices.

Undergoing any cosmetic treatment is optional. But many patients of all ages seek a smoother complexion with fewer wrinkles. So, baby Botox makes plenty of sense with these men and women.

Baby Botox is also an excellent choice for those trying Botox for the first time and younger patients seeking a preventative treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. However, if there are deeper lines to target, you may be a better candidate for traditional Botox, a brow lift, or an eyelid surgery.  

What to Expect from a Baby Botox Procedure

A baby Botox session is similar to traditional Botox, but for those who haven’t had the procedure, Dr. Sajjadian breaks it down:

  • First you have a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian
  • Next, a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to your treatment areas
  • Sajjadian typically marks the face at the predetermined injection sites
  • The injections are performed with a tiny needle. The total process is completed within a half hour

After the treatment, you may have tiny bumps at the injection site, which typically dissipate within five minutes. Any additional side effects are rare. Any swelling can be diminished by applying ice packs to the site.

Baby Botox Treatment Areas 

As with regular Botox, the benefits of smaller doses are administered in similar facial areas, including the forehead between the brows, crow’s feet, bunny lines, under the eyes, and the chin area. The main benefit of treating all these regions is to effectively reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for an overall refreshed appearance.

How Long Do Baby Botox Benefits Last?

As with all injectables, baby Botox takes seven to ten days until all benefits are visible. How long the results last differ between patients, depending on skin type, age, and the amount injected. 

Smaller doses typically mean the result lasts less time. On average, traditional Botox lasts three to five months, but a baby Botox approach will undoubtedly be on the lower end. There should be a minimum treatment interval of twelve weeks between each session.

How Much Does Baby Botox Cost?

Who performs your Baby Botox will determine how much you’re paying for the procedure. Board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are the most reliable injectors, with their extensive training, experience, and understanding of facial and skin structures.

Baby Botox Side Effects

It’s vital to remember that Botox or other injectables are medical-grade treatments, and you should be aware of potential side effects before considering the treatment. However, Botox offers minimal risk with the procedure and is one of the more tested products in medicine. Baby Botox, like traditional Botox, may produce minor side effects, including bruising around the injection area, asymmetrical results, discomfort, swelling, headache, or flu-like symptoms.

About Dr. Sajjadian

Newport Beach triple board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, is a well-known and respected professional because of his compassionate care for his patients. He believes in listening to patients to understand their goals and desires. Then, by creating an individualized plan, he focuses on creating beautiful results. He firmly believes each cosmetic procedure is a partnership between himself and his patients to achieve desired outcomes.

Dr. Sajjadian has dedicated his practice to developing and implementing advanced cosmetic surgery techniques that have consistently helped minimized patient discomfort and achieved natural-looking results. His signature procedures include rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift, and tummy tuck.

Baby Botox with Dr. Sajjadian offers many women and men the opportunity to look younger than their years. While some choose surgical procedures like facelifts, eyelid lifts, or lip enhancement, fillers or neuromodulators can help if you aren’t ready to undergo surgery.

Few cosmetic surgeons can match the experience and expertise of triple board-certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian. He employs advanced techniques with a wide range of leading-edge products. In addition, he lends his exceptional skills and trained eye for aesthetics to every procedure.

Under his personalized care, you can feel like your best self. To learn more about Baby Botox, call (949) 515-0550 or contact our office to schedule a consultation.