Are There Any Post-Rhinoplasty Surprises I Should Be Aware Of?

Rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job) is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. Many people choose this surgery to improve the appearance of their nose. Rhinoplasty can correct the appearance of noses that aren’t in proportion with the rest of the face (too large or too small), remove bumps and even correct some breathing problems.

If you’re preparing for rhinoplasty, keep reading to discover five unexpected surprises patients may encounter after a nose job.

You’ll Need to Wear a Splint and Bandage for About a Week

After surgery Dr. Sajjadian will place new nose into a protective splint. The splint and your bandaging will need to be worn for about a week. This is very important as it holds your nose in place while you heal. You’ll need to keep your head elevated and relatively still for the first few days. We typically recommend at least a week off from work and avoiding strenuous activities, like lifting, bending, and exercise, even longer. Get the go-ahead from Dr. Sajjadian before you return to activities like work and school.

Don’t Blow Your Nose

Many rhinoplasty patients report feeling congested in the first days after surgery. It is critically important that you avoid blowing your nose during this time, even if you feel you need to. It may be difficult or impossible to breathe out of your nose during the first week or two; this is normal.

Swelling and Bruising Can Remain for a Year

You should be able to start returning to your regular activities about a week after surgery, but that doesn’t mean your new nose will be completely healed. Many patients experience swelling and bruising for several weeks after surgery. We typically recommend scheduling your nose job at least a month before any activities where you want to look your best (like family pictures, a friend’s wedding, etc.). Typically 80% of the swelling will resolve by this point. Some swelling may linger for up to a year. Talk with Dr. Sajjadian about your specific recovery needs and timeline. The techniques used during surgery have a big impact on the amount of recovery you’ll require.

Protect Your New Nose

Although your nose may look and feel better a few weeks after surgery, the bones and tissues are still delicate. It is very important that you avoid any nasal trauma. Right after a nose job is not the time to play contact sports, to go snowboarding or to participate in activities where your nose may be injured. You’ll need to avoid these activities for at least six weeks, possibly longer.

Be Careful with Those Sunglasses

Right after rhinoplasty, your nose is especially sensitive. You’ll need to avoid wearing sunglasses until you have permission from Dr. Sajjadian. Typically, you’ll need to skip the sunglasses for at least a month and then choose light frames. If you feel any irritation, stop wearing the sunglasses and give us a call.

A Burst of Confidence

Many of our patients have spent a lifetime hating their nose. After rhinoplasty, they are amazed at how good they look and feel. Many report feeling increased confidence. The best surprise of a nose job is your brand new nose.

If you’re ready for rhinoplasty, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian, a triple board certified surgeon whose practice is well known as one of the best places to get cosmetic nose surgery. Dr. Sajjadian has been voted by his peers as an expert in the field of rhinoplasty and is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Orange County/Southern California. He subscribes to the philosophy of creating beautiful and natural-looking results. Dr. Sajjadian’s passion lies in the advancement of the rhinoplasty field through writing articles and book chapters, giving lectures and organizing rhinoplasty symposiums and conferences. Every year, Dr. Sajjadian performs corrective rhinoplasty procedures to repair deformities caused by botched surgeries. Dr. Sajjadian is also a referral center for many colleagues for ethnic and revision rhinoplasty procedures.

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