Rhinoplasty: Current Trends

Q: Who is having rhinoplasties, these days to account for the increasing popularity rhinoplasties?

A: The majority of rhinoplasties that we perform here in Santa Ana are to change the cosmetic appearance of the nose. Most of those types of rhinoplasties are requested by teenagers and young adults, however, an increasing amount have been performed on people ranging from their 30s to their sixties. Breathing problems can frequently be corrected during rhinoplasty as well.

Q: Who gets more rhinoplasties, men or women?

A: Rhinoplasties are still more popular among women at least here in our Santa Ana plastic surgery office but about 15% of the noses in most plastic surgery practices belong to men. Men still get more rhinoplasties facelifts.

Q: Is it possible to have a limited procedure, for example just to take away the bump or change the tip?

A: Absolutely but only a small percentage of noses will look good with a limited procedure. The appearance of the nose depends on balance and harmony of all the facial feature and especially among the different features of the nose itself. For example, if you change the tip by making it smaller, it reduces some of the tip support and has the potential to make the profile look taller. However, if you just take a bump off the nose without touching the tip, the tip may look bigger than it did before. Altering one area of the nose inevitably influences the appearance of other areas of the nose.

Q: When are these limited procedures a good idea?

A: Some of our Santa Ana rhinoplasty clients have small bumps on their profiles (a thin tip with good projection), and we can just sand down the bump. Noses that have wide tips with good tip projection won’t reduce the nasal profile. If the client doesn’t need profile reductions or tip reductions, limited procedures can certainly be down. Rhinoplasties done today is more conservative than it was years ago.

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