What You Need From Your Newport Beach Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Did you know all a doctor needs to do to get a certificate to practice cosmetic surgery is a weekend class and a couple bucks? Imagine not knowing until complications have occurred post- rhinoplasty that your provider was under qualified and inexperienced! When searching for your Newport Beach rhinoplasty surgeons here are the top three things you MUST demand:

  • board certified plastic surgeon: Plastic surgeons can be certified by more than one board; this certification guarantees that they have demonstrated their expertise in their field and are highly qualified to practice plastic surgery.
  • A plastic surgeon: this may sound strange but you want the best of the best working on your rhinoplasty procedure, and the best would be a plastic surgeon NOT a cosmetic surgeon. Many times cosmetics surgeons have no special training for plastic surgery and did not even complete their residency in plastic surgery. If you choose a cosmetic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure chances are that provider has a background in dermatology or even dentistry, making them harshly under qualified to perform a rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Experience: When consulting with Newport Beach plastic surgeons ask questions like how much of their practice is dedicated strictly to rhinoplasty, did you receive any special training for rhinoplasty, and how many supervised rhinoplasty procedures have you completed? Newport Beach plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons across the globe agree that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and convoluted procedures to do. Over correcting or under correcting are common mistakes made by inexperienced rhinoplasty providers.

Top Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian has the qualifications, accreditations, and experience you should demand for your rhinoplasty procedure. Call Dr. Sajjadian today for a rhinoplasty consultation. Verify his elite skill for yourself and ask to see before and after pictures of his work.