What Happens During Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S., but unless you’ve had the surgery, you may not know much about it. This guide will help you learn what happens during breast augmentation. Are you thinking about increasing your breast size? Call us today and schedule a consultation with one of the area’s best breast surgeons, Dr. Sajjadian.

What Happens During a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

The first step to your new breasts is a breast augmentation consultation. During this consultation you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your breast augmentation. Dr. Sajjadian will carefully examine your breasts and will give you a better idea of your possible results. We’ll discuss options, cost, and more. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You can read about breast augmentation online, but a consultation is the only way to get personalized advice from a highly skilled surgeon. Give us a call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian.

What Happens During Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is typically performed on an outpatient basis at a local surgical center. We use anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The specifics of your surgery will vary depending on the type of implant you choose, the location of your incisions, and whether the implant is placed over or under the chest muscle. Typically an incision is made (often in the armpit, in the fold under the breast, or around the areola), the implant is inserted and filled if necessary, and the incision is closed. A breast lift can be performed at the same time as breast augmentation if you have sagging. You’ll be wrapped in bandages and sent to recovery. The surgery typically takes 1-3 hours to complete. You should be able to return home the very same day.

What Happens After Breast Augmentation?

After your surgery, you’ll spend some time in recovery and then will be ready to return home. You’ll need someone to drive you and stay with you during the early days of your recovery. You may feel some soreness, swelling, and tightness. You can take pain medication to manage any discomfort.

At first it can be difficult to lift your arms. We recommend wearing button up tops so you don’t have to pull clothing over your head. Give yourself plenty of time to rest, eat healthy foods, and stay hydrated. Gentle walking encourages circulation.

Most patients can return to work after a few days. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks. We’ll monitor you closely throughout recovery to ensure that you’re healing properly and to answer any questions that arise.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your best breasts? Call and learn more about breast augmentation from triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian, one of the top breast surgeons in Southern California.